Friday, July 29, 2011


God has such a gentle way of simplifying our walk. Rocket science isn't the requirement. Faith is.

But what kind of faith? Psyche up? Irresponsible? Denial?

Faith believes God and His activity when we can explain none of it. It is the assurance of things hoped for; the conviction of things not seen. Explanation doesn't belong. Mystery is welcomed.

Faith seems to center on what we choose to ponder. Where our minds go our feet follow. Faith's ABCs belongs to the mind. Concentration and evaluation are surely faith subjects.

Francis Schaeffer wrote, So this is where true spirituality in the Christian life rests: in the realm of my thought life. Verification is found in Philippians 4 where we are called to think on these things and the peace of God which passes understanding shall guard.

I've been moving this week in three-digit heat. It is exhausting. I am exhausted. Yet, I choose to think about how many prisoners cramped in sweaty confines would love to take a ride across town in my U-Haul truck in need of more air conditioner juice.

I am a blessed man.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Church elders are a unique sort. Their mixturious traits can clearly be found in extremes. Some are tender while others are grumpy. One can find those of faith and others of withering fear.

Good shepherds are a true glory to God. From experience I find the effective ones live in glass houses and know it. They care for us because they insist the Good Shepherd be merciful to them. The poor leaders deny their own stark lack.

I have been blessed to have several good shepherds along the way. None of them pretended I was ideal and perfect just as they also assumed such was not true of themselves. Humility is the entire difference.

I often reference moving to Memorial and doing my best to work among philosophically poles-apart leadership with an immediate eye on the elders I'll have fifteen years from now. This congregation thrives due to the four we have at present.

Their secret? The same as the good ones all through the years. Sheer, adamant, intensely- aware-of-their-own-flaws humility. Is that not the example of the One Shepherd?

The good shepherds among us believe us into goodness. They bless us with what they need themselves; confidence in Jesus that we can position ourselves alongside God to accomplish kingdom life overflowing.

Good shepherds aren't perfect. They are highly aware that they are not. Ah, humility once again. Furthermore, they are acutely aware that we are not. They may correct and even rebuke. The good ones do so with ideal understanding for their feet are also fragile clay.

If you should be a shepherd reading this post, I encourage you to diminish the need to control and increase your power to believe in your flock. Your congregation has incredible talent, skill, and faith willing to break out in a glorious contagion. It does not need your approval nor your permission. It could use a clear signal that you believe they are intelligent, shrewd, and profoundly effective.

Great things don't get done in congregations because the elders weigh, vote, and endorse. Great things get done because they believe faith is a powerful force and the shepherds urge the flock to get on with its hopes and dreams.

My four good shepherds' motto is Stay out of the way! While they receive some criticism for this, the lavish content of fruit cannot be denied.

To the good shepherds among us, thank you. Thank you for trusting God with us when you hit so many points of not knowing just what to do next. Your love and freedom are showing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Much of life has humorous opportunity. Am I ever glad of that! Comedy--others or my own--relieves the stresses of daily routine for me. But, sometimes I cry.

I know that crying is a sign of weakness; so be it. Recently a matter that breaks me down is the continued giganticity of the Tulsa Workshop. Oh, I've gotten used to and over the criticism which is freely voiced. Evangelism isn't about pleasing an impossible-to-please brotherhood. But it is about effectively reaching God's wide world.

The load of putting together "that program" which will inspire, encourage, and lead a great segment of His clan to deeper connections with God is wonderfully overwhelming. Currently, the 2013 workshop is on my plate. What will best boost a fine group who want to grow in the kingdom life of outreach?

I remain too little to take on the task. Littleness (weakness) is what works....but it still makes me cry.

So for you, I say thank you for enduring life in the necessarily ever-flexible work of the church. Vulnerably, I let you in on a private zone of my labor. I say so without whine; but with indication that we all surely live overwhelmed by His particular task in front of us.

If my weakness helps you accept yours...mission accomplished. God has a world yet to win and He Son-picked each of us to extend such a glorious work. Tears for the hope of others is a valuable part of our faith system.

Monday, July 25, 2011


We pray for God to sit among us. We expect Him to do so. Sunday He did.

We had a tremendous day of exhilaration brought about by the Leader.

First of all, Legrand Strickland walked into our assembly. He is the soldier lost both legs when his unit was attacked in Pakistan a few months back. What a thrill to see this young man enter with new legs and feet for the last visit we saw him in a wheel chair.

And then four of our recent visitors were baptized. I baptized three generations as they stood in the waters. A grandpa, a grandma, their daughter, and their grandson took turns as I buried each as they made pre-cemetery arrangements.

While I am robustly happy for their family, I am equally as overjoyed for the Memorial family for such a morning was a reflection of God shining in them. I am ultra-honored to get to preach at such a special place.

Memorial isn't ideal due to sentiment. The freedom in Christ is sensed, expressed, and lived. God is the gloried One. No committee, no personnel, no leadership provides the God-power; only the Three do that!

We had one remarkable day...endorsed by God!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


God is big on small. From the Word we glean wonderful intake from the likes of Zacchaeus, to a small cluster of 12 (trimmed to 11), and then there is that mustard seed thing. Yes, there was the Red Sea and before that the Creation thing....but in God's system, dinky and insignificant matter.

I have worked with churches of 8, 60, and 500. All are small. All are dynamic and huge in the palm of God's marvel.

So today, be sure to notice the elderly gentleman hunched over and hardly able to lift his head as he wobbles down the aisle for his pew. Take note of the young mother as she tries to corral her three toddlers and when one cries all cry. See...actually look at...the lonely young man whose wife of three years ran off. These are brilliant tapestries of God.

Of course the sight of an ocean or a grand mountain range brings soaking satisfaction to the eyes. But I encourage you not to miss the sprinkler system's jutting spray or the street's temporary and inconvenient road construction. Both of these, too, are glorious in that you have the power to look them over and contemplate God's wonder!

Would you join me in being impressed with right now?

Friday, July 22, 2011


Jesus died on the cross. Father and Son were without one another for 3000 years (or three days depending from whose perspective). The agonizing torture was frightful. Wonderfully ended. Jesus resurrected and the reuniting is tighter than ever!

We are called to take up his cross. But rarely do we mean it. We sing it. But rarely do we mean it. We preach, teach it, and even believe it. But rarely do we mean it.

Oh, I'm not bashing us (me). Really. I'm saying the task is well over our heads as it is well beyond our hearts. Yet we must, must try.

The only way we could find salvation is for God to die. Away with Him. It was the only way. There was/is no alternative. Either He dies or else we never breathe hope....not once. Dying is the only way others can live. We must do so that enemies have legitimate hope to smile again.

Who isn't aware that we are to take up our crosses daily? Why is that? The answer is that sin and betrayal and violation happen day after day after day to someone in our circles. Therapy isn't the first step. Can we find anyone in their circle who loves the enemy enough to take on their guilt; their shame?

None of us can escape the Judas fit. We are him. Jesus rescued. None of us escape the Judas we must connect to someone Christ-like who will not scold us; but better yet die for us.

The only way to clear our messes of multiple things is through the cross procedure. It is the only way that works. The gospel does work! There is a way to recovery. It isn't that the guilty are to be punished; but that the innocent are to take on the guilt....just like Jesus.

This crucifixion is a process to be taken on daily.....Lk. 9:23-24; I Peter 2:21-25.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The Lord's prayer instruction has been short-sheeted by our mere lapse of reading the rest of his admonition.

Luke 11 shares Jesus' response when the disciples asked about prayer. He offered the words which all believers have a grasp of familiarity. However, when he asked them a question it seems the linear movement of his prayer ground-work appears interrupted rather than continued. Not to be so.

Jesus poses a question regarding prayer's persistence; the traveler asks at midnight for three loaves. Quickly the shift is made to our proverbial ask, seek, and knock text. Each of these three are keyed to their question as to how to pray. However, within this context is his concluding question; how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?

This, too, is to be included in his response to their inquiry as to how they should pray.

Ask the Father via prayer for the Holy Spirit? Didn't our heritage teach that we are to stay away from the Holy Spirit? This has been a most costly error.

If there are two elements which would radically change both individual and congregation, it would be the direct activation of both prayer and the Holy Spirit. We need more prayer and we need more Holy Spirit. The way to the latter is to ask, seek, and knock in the former.

Would you be reminded to ask, seek, and knock for the Holy Spirit to present himself upon your walk of faith? Life will surely change.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A false doctrine our tribe has developed is the one where the Bible is delivered and God is done talking. This hideous belief is destructive beyond measure. Many regard it as the utmost of faith foolery to believe God still speaks in the present.

Yet, His Word--His Revelation--calls for intimate relationship with Him. For too many there is very little connection with the Divine. Rather relationships are given to church buildings or toward a service project; but not with the Living Lord.....which is heresy.

We are co-laborers with God. We are co-communicators. He calls. We hear. We pray. He listens. He responds. We listen. Sadly, half of these equations have gone dead. This great disconnect/false doctrine of ours has either caused a muteness of God or else a deafness of our own.

God shares ideas with His children according to the Word; but never in violation or contradiction of it. Therefore, we can relax. We can abide in His Word. We are to pray for wisdom from above. He will send it in. How are we to know such a message if, after we have prayed, He no longer answers?

I find great joy in the "learning to listen for God" process. He gives me perpetual ideas. I study every day. I seek His input as often. A drastic change for me was to begin to believe the Bible authorizes and anticipates an authentic interaction available directly between the human and the Divine.

Some call this goofy. I call it active faith....that God still talks. We will be advantaged to listen.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Being Caucasian I resent the race card accusations. Bigotry is condemnable. From my admitted bias, the race card complaint is the pinnacle of racism. And I find its equal in the church; but not under the race umbrella.

I find it when worship is experienced and a non-worshipper plays the entertainment card. That group standing up front with mics is just entertainment, we occasionally hear.

First, it could be such. Just as padded pews and air conditioning could be scorned as modernism, some could be guilty of showing off. Lone song leaders have been found guilty. Thus, it isn't the number nor is it the direction one faces which brings the entertainment card into play.

The entertainment card is played when (just as the race card) one doesn't know what else to bring forth as accusation for something they don't prefer. Worship is a matter of the heart. Inspiration is fuel from many reservoirs.

Playing the entertainment card is a cheap shot from the pattern and ritual tradition of men; not from God's engagement with His people. However, in a way our people have been groomed to work from this facade as long before this we played the "scripture is silent" card when we could not calculate any other approach to defend our ultra-narrow prejudice.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I believe the most significant factor in a congregation's existence does not depend on but one thing. The elders' philosophies or the staff's talent is not what makes a church live. Committee leaders and varieties of ministry opportunities do not provide the answer. One does. The activity of the Holy Spirit among us.

Most in the church will express faith in the Holy Spirit. For many they simply mean they believe He exists; not that He works directly in us. Others believe He exists and labors with us. The former is the death while bustling about in various good deeds. The latter is the Life-blood and the heartbeat of a vibrant congregation.

A church's "aliveness" is neither determined by the number in attendance nor the several good deeds supported. "Aliveness" is based upon the faith that the Spirit of the Holy God co-partners with us....II Cor.6:1.

From experience, I find that churches either stand in pride against other congregations because they are so glad they "are not like other churches" or churches stand in awe that God blesses them. I like my life better when dependent upon Him rather than comparing to others.

Activity isn't the mark of a lively congregation. Doctrinal stance is begging if within that doctrine the active Holy God in Spirit form has been shelved. Aliveness does not come from man's ingenuity nor from his organizational prowess. It comes from the lively presence of the invisible Spirit who loves to bear His fruit in us.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I am experiencing God! He has taught me so much about walking with Him. He is a terrific walker-througher.

We are set to move a week from Wednesday. Our house sold. We bought another. Closings are due in a few days. They are packing. We are packing.

But yesterday we found that the couple who bought our house has run into a financial hiccup. For the moment the deal is off. That means our purchase is off as well. Bummer.

Bummer? Oh no. No bummer.

Anytime we find ourselves cornered with perplexicity, we can be assured God has the perfect scenario ready for His unveiling. Remember the Israelites cornered by a mountain range, the Red Sea, and an opposing army headed their way? Yes, the people were a panic; but God was setting the stage for His display of a fabulous"Ah-ha!" moment.

So it is for us, precisely, when we are cornered or perplexed. Everything is in perfect order. He has not forgotten us. Rather He is mindful and He wishes to show us another facet of His glorious talent.

How God works out my dilemma, I am totally clueless as to the how....but not the Who. It is a done deal. I anticipate a major breakthrough according to His standard; not mine.

Every day, He says, can be certain for those who live in the Spirit that it is absolutely a good one...Rom. 5:1-5! I am having a very good day!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Much about God is unexplainable. Yet, we try. His mystery is so...mysterious. However, we believe we hold the solutions.

Yes, we are guilty of overreaching the "be ready to give an answer" command for we so quickly move into dishing out responses which are really, importantly, and wonderfully...unknown.

Surmises aren't truth. Neither is putting 2 and 2 together. God won't fit human reason. He said so. His ways are higher as well as His thoughts...Is. 55:8-9.

While we are very much responsible to give answers for our hope, we are to avoid answering for God. He handles that portion of the kingdom experience.

I find I enjoy the church so much more when I don't have to have an elaborate response to every probe. I have great hope in Christ. I am free to say why I am full of such hope. And one of the first reasons is I am learning to let God be God which allows me to pull back from living as an answer man.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


After all these years my special ministry with the St. Louis Cardinals rolls on. Next January I hope to attend my 29th camp. Chuck Swindoll told me that to live in the baseball world and the church to live a dream. I agree.

Initially, I was criticized for such a move as many of my close friends felt there was really no legitimate kingdom facet to the venture. I understood them...and with all my heart I knew God would work. He has an still is.

Three times I have recommended that Memorial discontinue this mission as it wasn't clear if it was producing or else it could be a financial burden. All three efforts were overridden.

The first time was when I needed $3000 to attend and lacked $1000 from our Missions Day collection. I accepted the signal that I should not go that particular year. As camp time approached the director called from Chicago noting I was not on the roster.

I did not tell him the reason for my intended absence, but told him that one day I might be back. He said, I don't know if this would help, but we really want you in camp. So, take off $1000 from our bill. That did it. I went!

A second time I voiced that maybe Baseball Evangelism has run its course when Upper Deck Baseball cards called out of the blue inviting me to play ball at the Field of Dreams with celebrities. Then they wanted me to preach from the mound on Sunday morning to a non-denominational church group...wearing the Sox uniform. They paid all expenses and the baseball ministry continued.

In January of this year I returned from camp---happy as usual---and offered that we discontinue this work due to the economy, etc. The elders said this was not a good idea. They believed it should continue and I was thrilled to get their observation. Still, on our Missions Day in May we lacked $2000.

I thought this may be God's signal to dispense with the work. I didn't want it that way, understand; yet I wondered. The elders assured me to move forward as they were certain the work would continue. Then in June I received a very rare birthday card from a couple (from a distant city) who were oblivious to my need. Their note expressed appreciation for my ministries and included a check for $2000 for baseball camp.

The story continues. I spent a day last week doing good mission work at Busch Stadium. I walk in a dream world. I've been honest about the work and even tried to stop it three times....but it just keeps on. Indeed, I am most grateful and extremely enthused.

The Cardinal work continues and I am amazed at His grace.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This Friday marks my 34th anniversary of being a part of the fabulous Memorial Drive Church of Christ. It makes me, indeed, very happy!

My love for this congregation is unspeakable. I am fascinated by it. The Life in it is remarkable. I have caused none of it. The reverse is true. It has been my goal to grow into it.

One of the marks of the Holy Spirit is that wonder occurs and those involved don't know how it happened. So it is where I preach. Marvel takes place and our only reaction is to praise God for all other clues seem to pale.

As far as my personal role, I think Will Rogers tagged my walk when he said, Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. I am experienced!

Thank you church, thank you blogFriends, and thank you God for letting me get to be in one of those right places at the right time. I still like right now!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Some find it much easier to speak in the language of pessimismeze. Such friends simply aren't thinking or they would realize it is much easier and more impacting to vocalize the language of optimisticeze. The latter is the one for believers.

When we distribute the seed-words of hope and love and assurance, life breaks out. We may never go on a mission trip to China or Russia. But when we plant the seed-thought of approval into the hearts of our colleagues day in and day out, inspiration circles the globe for those whose fields received the cheer implant will likely pass it on.

Yes, our funds are important for Mexico and our service is vital in the food pantries. Yet I find our words bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit when we speak two things well; our faith in God and the obvious fact that we also believe in people.

Sometimes people aren't performing at their peak because they have been filled with information since preschool; yet they have not received the confidence to be themselves. We carry the torch by saying in faitheze those things that fill ears with the grace to become.

Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear.

Why do I feel so strongly about this? It is because I have had incredible men and women speak in tongues of encouragement for decades. I once listened to the naysayers; but the spiritual cheerleaders are clearly God's voices for us plain people.

Watch your language for both kinds produce. Your tongue will negatively set a forest on fire or else it will fan the flames of hope and joy and life!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Cheap criticism is that nonchalant and inconsistent critique we allow to flow from our uncurbed hearts. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks...abundantly. To voice yackety-yackety disapproval without wisdomic thought is both ultra-cheap and highly expensive.

It is cheap because of its free-flowing, uncontrolled speech pattern which might be found to be 4% true. The rest is bad mood or ignorance at best; yet puts into motion spiraling discouragement which could be unrecoverable.

It is expensive because it kills the creativity as well as the ambition of our God-called dreamers. Furthermore, the expense is calculated when we each need very accurate and necessary criticism...but ignore it. Important criticism is likely to be dismissed due to the abundant unnecessary glut of complaint and whine.

Cheap criticism is a determent to our spiritual growth for its abundance blinds each of us to that portion of correction which is essential to our maturity. We desperately need critiqued. We are to grow up in Him. Random cheap shots perpetually thrust forth with abandon are costly for we are, therefore, programmed to miss that adjustment which might be crucial for our good.

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Age brings with it aches and pains. Arthritis talks. It is negative without usefulness as far as I can tell. Our bodies resist and balk. But complaint does little good. So we learn to try to manage it at best.

Our spirits take on a special pain as we mature. This ache, though, has positive and necessary ramifications. Specifically, I speak of the cross.

The cross is far from comfortable or convenient. The more we grow into the framework of Jesus the more we will experience the ache of being a believer for we will carry the cross in more circumstances.

The cross is the cross for one reason; pain. It is neither a liberal symbol nor a conservative topic for discussion. It is the painful zone of the Christian walk of which all who mature in Christ absolutely must carry. There is no exception. The cross is our only pavement to growing up.

We don't like the cross. It isn't fun. We experience inflammation where our spirits live with aches and pains when we don't get our way, when things don't go as planned, and when we encounter offense or betrayal.

The cross is a vital part of daily church. In 2011 it is still rugged. We must help one another hold on and hang in there when life takes our breath away. It is very hard to endure....but the call is great and the reward is out of this world.

Friday, July 08, 2011


Today's USA Today has an article referencing Curt Flood's legal battle for baseball's free agency which went all of the way to the Supreme Court.  Curt lost the battle and won the war.  Curt believed trading a person from one team to another was illegal.  He regarded it as a Civil Right issue. 

Curt Flood is the reason mega-bucks now flow to the players.  Because this theater played out in the sports arena, such money can have its bitter dregs for more than just a few.  Yet, I get the case.  I spent hours with him talking about his position.  Should a St. Louis high school have traded a Superintendent and two teachers to a Philadelphia high school for four teachers and a janitor, perhaps his cause would have clarity.

Yes, Curt was a dear friend.  Yes, his mother adopted me as an honorary son.  The thing that glued us in heart was he and I stood for the same cause; freedom.

Leaving Cardinal Legends Camp in my early years of participation, I sat on the plane waiting for the others to board.  In stepped Curt.  We had been together at camp for a week.  Once in flight, I asked Curt about his bold move.  In great humility and equal assurance, he sorted through the ins and outs of the case.  He felt baseball owners were treating the players as slaves with no say so where they lived, who they worked for, etc.

I shared with him we hold the same concerns for I see many in the church in slavery.  I was beginning to note my own legalism which I was imposing upon others as well as, in general, the overall church was suppressed by a legalistic hierarchy.  We were in more desperate need of the slave freer named Jesus than ever. 

It was upon this basis that Curt and I connected in heart.  We both found/find ourselves misunderstood at times.  But the root of our drive was the same.  We lived in two very different worlds.  In both we found a people suppressed; often without any awareness.

May Jesus set us free to really live.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


As I see it, the blogsites are defeating privacy fences. We are becoming neighbors once again. Blogs allow our visits to be brief while our days remain free to get so much done. There is value in gaining connectedness in a world which seems so crowded, yet leaves some feeling so lonely. I am all for seeing that all feel absolutely connected to someone.

I'm not sure how often I can or will pay attention to this site. I am a very green novice. I know this....people are important. In future notes, I will join with many others to be another voice to cheer you on.

For now....enjoy your weekend!

The above note was my first post on November 3, 2006.  It was one thousand seven hundred and fifty-one blogs ago.  Since then there have been over 365,000 hits.  Considering the fact that my mom doesn't have a computer to run up the tally, I am grateful for the interest.

I broke into blog-world totally by accident.  I commented on Tim's blog for the first time and accidentally established my own.  Two hundred hits came on the very first day and there were no words because I didn't even know I had a blog!

The point is to watch your world.  God works with you in ways you don't even intend.  My guess is God does more with us by what we would regard as accident than we do on purpose.  I could be wrong...but it surely is fun to think about!


Jesus faced execution torture style.  The brutality of the cross was only a part of the burden.  The weight of mankind's sin which would separate him from Father would be excruciating.  As we are called to take up our cross and follow, surely there is that similar tempation he faced, Father, if you don't mind, let this cup pass.

Could it be that we have taken the cross to speak in allegory and not absolute?  Is it likely that punishment 'til dead finds a substitute of lesser means for our walk; irritation and frustration?  When we examine our taking up the cross, does this more likely mean we had a rough two hours at the committee meeting?  Or, did somebody drive off to the church picnic and forget to bring the horse shoes?

Do you know that the church's great strength is when we live from the cross?  Whether in the church building or at Wal-Mart, we will encounter the hateful as well as the obnoxious.  We tend to take the other aisle.  This is the temptation to abort the cup.

The irritable, the frustrating, the wounded, and the enemy cannot encounter the Son rays until his followers enter the cup.  They cannot afford for us to pass on it.  We much arise to the challenge.  Try to remember this when you would rather offer road rage or line-at-the-super-market rage. 

Ugly behavior from others merely induces our commitment to carry the cross on purpose.  We will do our best to refrain from letting the cup of personal sacrifice pass.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Monday, July 04, 2011


Submission in line with Jesus is always the right way to go.  It takes a combination of courage and humility to walk in the path He forged.  Submission seems to become more novel in today's age of a self-serving society.

I don't like submission.  It sets me back from getting what I think I want.  Regardless of how many sets of elders I have had in any congregation, I always did my best to be obedient.  I've argued, debated, and spoken in opposition.  When the words settled, I knew my role.

I also knew God would bless submission.  Why does He bless?  Because He reads our hearts of faith.  He notes our disappointments as well as our underlying dreams.  When we submit we signal to Him we will wait....on Him.

Jesus became obedient to the point of death.  Regardless of our assumed amazing insights and opinions, the truth is we are to work in harmony with all.  Often this insists upon submission.  God runs the show.  Not you.  Not me.  Not us.  If any of us's the wrong show.

Don't be afraid to voice your opinion.  Be bold in leadership.  Be outstanding in submission to those with whom you work side by side.  Within such is the secret blessings of God beginning to permeate our future.

Saturday, July 02, 2011


We are forever growing in understanding the trinity both as a cluster and each as individuals.  God is the Father, He is the Son, and He is in Spirit form.  Why the church has fought accepting the third wing to the Trinity is surely an ignorant bias developed from parroting strong voices of our past. 

Scriptures will not support an insistence the Holy Spirit is inactive in a modern believer's life.  If we are to grow in the Lord our grasp of Spirit understanding must have devout attention.

Leonard Allen and Danny Swick wrote, The Trinity is an attempt to affirm that God is a thoroughly relational being.  The doctrine of the Trinity accents this truth by claiming that God not only forms relationships but that He is a relationship.

God is relationship.  The doctrine of God is relational.  The church has devastatingly slipped when proudly assuming it stands for Truth and Right without a deep perspective on connection to others.  Mistakenly, we have assumed it is all right to enter an assembly with the goal to make certain instruments of music aren't used while caring less for the broken brother two pews to the left.

The Trinity pulls at our hearts to enter the utmost doctrinal stance of the New Testament church by engaging and expanding relationships; one with another and all of us interfacing with the Trinity.

Friday, July 01, 2011


Did I do that?  Did I cause a sudden scrambling of the curbed recess in D.C.?  It really wasn't my intention.

It all started a few months back when a representative of Oklahoma U.S. Senator Tom Coburn came by our office.  Dan seemed nice enough; almost a professional friend.  Senator Coburn was sending him around the state gathering a list of our concerns.  My rarely skeptical mind sensed it might also be combined with a vote-getting ploy.

You know my heart for those in public life; I think they are every bit as lonely at the top and those forgotten at the bottom.  I was, indeed, intrigued by Dan's visit and my comment to him was, What can I do to encourage Senator Coburn when he is so famous, in such demand, and surely so lonely at times? 

Last week I received a notice from Dan that Sen. Coburn would be conducting a town hall meeting the evening of July week.  I was invited (along with all other breathing Oklahomans).  I responded with a request to meet with the Senator beforehand to pray.  It was a sincere move by simply knocking on a door.  I try to walk only through the ones that open.

Dan responded that he was not sure if such would work; but would bring it up to the Senator.  It now seems obvious Senator Coburn rejected my offer in a big way.

Yesterday Dan emailed me that congress' recess has been shortened due to the debt ceiling debate and the town hall meeting was cancelled.  I fired back a note, Dan, I have had a most interesting career of various people going to great extents to avoid meeting me. I have to say this is the first time it took an “act of Congress” to pull it off.  If Senator Coburn didn’t want to meet me all he had to do was say so!

Wait 'til I tell mom what I caused!  Too, I apologize to congress for being called back because of me.  It is all my fault.