Thursday, December 07, 2023


I pull alongside of you as I celebrate with those who are having a good day. And...I also stand by each of you who might be facing/enduring the rugged terrain of hardship. We all know that some are having good days...and others not so much. for those suffering today, I join a host of others to encourage you to hang in there for one day the sun will arise again within your heart. Such a comment does not nullify the strain and struggle that many of you are enduring. It does, however, intend to offer legitimate hope.
Regardless of which side of the ledger you are on--hurting or helping--please remember that you are most valuable regardless of which compartment today brings. When life feels so very dark, we have great hope that the SON will shine offering renewal for a brand new start of a very needed new day.
God has reached and is always reaching to brings us through the intense clouds in order to help us visualize what is, what can be, and what will be.
May your life be wonder-filled for He is the reason for incredible and amazing hope that awaits for each of us!