Saturday, July 22, 2023


I wish to encourage any who feel that you might lack too many good qualities to make much of a positive impact on others. I've lived in that section of negative existence often and then very oftener! What you can accomplish is awaiting for you day by day. Whether an enormous result of an effort or the slight lifting of another's spirit who is struggling a bit, you are quite capable of being a very positive element to one's day.

If any of you are like me, you care about others and know that they need encouragement; but you can look around you and find others who are quite more qualified than yourself. Therefore, I wish to be a persistent voice and enthusiastic cheerleader that every individual has what it takes to bless others. 

I started out in ministry to be shy and extremely hesitant. Yes, I know. Neither of those descriptions sound like me.  They weren' ministry. And guess what I had become...a very shy and hesitant minister!!! Your faith is very important to you...and to others as well. 

Please keep entering your days with a building of confidence that, while you may not know how to handle some of your challenging encounters, you personally have it within you to shed light upon another's heart that will build and then even rebuild their broken hearts. Your faith makes a difference!!