Sunday, June 11, 2023


Luke 15 conveys one of the strongest teachings of Jesus for it challenges each of us to evaluate and even re-evaluate our perception of...of one another whenever that "another" seems to fail. Such teachings by Jesus were continually backed by his walk among the clusters of human beings nearby.

The setting of the above story is that one brother was quite disgusted at the lack of the other one. He'd had it with such blatant failure. "He should have known better" seemed to reign from within the elder heart. Yet, and it is a huge Y E T, the scene captures and conveys similarities of where we live and what we are like.

Involved in this grand scenario is a picture of two-types of sinners. One broke the Law. The other one kept the Law. I N C R E D I B L E and here's why.

Both are missing the call of the renewing power of the Son of God. Within such a devastating/inspiring scene is the voice of Father calling to you and to me to awaken to the wonder of His marvelous gift of renewed and energized life!

Therefore, via this simple scene from Scriptures, I encourage you and me to walk the trek that Father seems to anticipate as the path to victory...for others...and for ourselves. It's far too easy to write some people off because, well, we've just about had it with their blatantilistic failures. And yet...and yet, we have a stable knack at dismissing our own blatantilistic ones...don't we? Thus, the fascinating and challenging story of these two men.

Failure isn't what's being endorsed in the above scriptures. No, love for those who fail is. Let me say it for those who fail is.  And such a calling is so deep and so needed and so like Jesus, that we must, must, must have the productivity of the Holy Spirit flowing from within us for the task at hand is far beyond our human ability.

As we seem to take our turns at failing, may there always be some among us who take their turns at wearing the robes of the Prodigal so that relief and hope and renewal may arise to be seen by any who feel that we are not good enough to be a Christian. We aren't good enough; but Jesus pours himself into us and works day by day to build us into His likeness one strand of hope at a time.

Because of Jesus...we have a hope that matches the Prodigal Son!

Tuesday, June 06, 2023


There might be a reader here or there who needs a word of encouragement regarding risk factors. I feel certain that we each repeatedly experience success due to simple evaluation of a project due to one's wisdom. And yet, I present an alternative concept which is also very much connected to one's success.
Of course, I speak of the value of risk.
Risk might tend to carry a negative and threatening banner of failure. Danger lurks. Fear, then, tends to enter the scene precisely where it also very much wishes to take up residence. And yet...and very much yet...risk may very well lead one to opportunity and success of which many only dream.
I would doubt that any successful person among us ever became successful without the draining and imposing threat of R-I-S-K. The challenge, obviously, is trying to determine whether an opportunity offers value or ignorance.
Both lurk. Bravery and boldness, though, are needed to help one to avoid mistakenly shelving grand opportunity.
What I'm wishing to convey to you is that each of us may find that we've misjudged several opportunicalistical situations along the way. Too, what I'm wishing to accomplish in this note is to encourage you to DARE TO KEEP TESTING the opportunities afforded you for one of those just may be success which, at the moment, is packaged in the fear of failure.
Failing people fail. But, successful people also fail. My message to you is that failure is not the conclusion of our walk. It is simply an important and useful tool. Failure matters and must be acknowledged. But the acknowledgement is to be determining whether one is being shut down or positioned for a re-opening of fabulous re-opportunity.
I like life for while it certainly has its ups and downs, true life uses doors opened/doors closed to lead one to the next strong opportunity. For you, some places in life close from time to time. Yet, be assured such a stall is simply the waiting room for even a better opportunity.
Risk may be challenging; but don't shelve it until you've given it significant evaluation for it just might be your entrance into success. All successful individuals faced this bold challenger known to all as R-I-S-K.