Friday, May 31, 2019


I encourage you to awaken to the wonder all about you (just in case you've been tugged by distraction). It's so easy to lose track of successes for you are surely pelted by difficulty and distress. No one is exempt. While we do not pretend that our walk has no problems, we can factually and actually count the many acts of wonder that are happening to and for us. So much so that we hardly notice how automatically we are being surrounded by blessings...immensely galore.

Take inventory of a few of the simpler things, routine things, of life. For instance, note the price of gasoline increasing. Bemoan the rise if you want...or celebrate the reality that you have a car when parts of the world do not. These ride the bus...or walk.

Consider the commonality that you are reading this thread. Many have no eyes to see. You get the picture by now.

I once lived on the under side of life. Poor Terry. I was a whining, complaining, accusing waster of my time. I was the only one who could call my own hand. When I did, transitioning was immediate as if turning on a dime. It wasn't a matter of others changing their ways in order for me to enter happiness. All it took was a re-framing of my thinking trends.

How would I choose to use this tool known as perception? I seemed to be the only one in my voting booth. So why not elect to have a very good day? Ah, finally I learned how to cast my vote. I checked the box for ENTHRALLMENT.

Be enthralled with life. Certainly you are attacked with frustration and even injury. But don't let these become thieves. Instead, train them to become your cheerleaders toward an even more productive life. You can do it. And, would you know why? It's because you get to be the one who decides what items will dominate you mind.

Go have a really good day...for it...awaits!

Thursday, May 30, 2019


I John 4:8 issues a profound statement, "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." While such a comment is world-changing in truth, it has become possibly a yawner in church. We likely tend to like those we like and don't like those we don't. Follow me? Let us sense the apostle's weighty call for reason of giving us true ability to impact our communities.

Is not the fundamental and most fierce challenge among us all that of loving others? Aren't we caught guilty of preferentialicity; you please me and I'll like you? You offend me and I'll keep score you scoundrel?

A Christian's trademark is not that he belongs to a church and attends regularly. No, it is always that nature which exudes from the cross; not getting our way that others be given greater care. This beauty will always need to be seen throughout our walk as we seek to increase in our ability to love others; even those who test us to our limits.

We, as believers in God, can only be verified as truly following Him by our love for others...even when others are a tad bit difficult to treasure from our own strength. No, such an assignment cannot be completed unless....unless the Holy Spirit is given our permission to bear His fruit within us for we cannot possibly muster love for our enemies (and aggravaters) on our own.

The only reason that we cannot bring ourselves to love all others is one. The Bible spells it out. We do not allow the love of God to flow through because, quite honestly and accurately...we don't know God. This challenges me every day. How about you?

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


All of us are in the toughest war; that enormous battle for our souls and spirits. It's heaviest hitter is INDIFFERENCE. Who cares? Offer a shrug? Find your ammunition to blast away at the other side; believers or un. Indifference is wily because it is poised as most innocent. What could be wrong with neutrality?

Neutral: neither pro nor con. It's clarion call is, "Who cares?" Yet, the bulk of the living populace would be in strong favor of life after death. Would resurrecting from the grave in order to enter a new life to never die again be an important factor? I would think that few would shrug their shoulders in an "I can take it or leave it" attitude.

Therefore, I encourage us to break the many bonds of indifference that come our way. They are there for a reason; to neutralize us into unbelief. Oh, I'm aware that the mockings are quite abundant. And the pointing out the failure of those who take a stab at believing? Everywhere one turns. This should tell us something about how drastic the believing factor is to the hearts of men and women. One should wonder why belief in God and all that goes with it is so adamantly opposed if He and His system are fake; illegitimate.

I know. I know. You've got a reason, a legitimate one, as to why you will have nothing to do with faith in God. Yet, consider that one day you will die. So far its only happened to others; but your day is getting closer. And what say you about your next future? Shouldn't we be wowed and enthralled at the concept that just as a seedling planted in the ground arises from the dead and into a beautiful flower, that the same style will be of ourselves?

Jesus lived and died...and lives. He broke the indifference code. We aren't called to believe in the church. It's full of us...who are there because we can't save ourselves one moment. We are called to believe in the one person who broke death's indifference code. He ruined the hopes that cemeteries held. He will devastate them...because....they. will. not. keep. us.

Break the bonds of indifference for such is our personal prison without bars. And would you take a guess at why this indifference is so prevalent? It's the easier way out. However, I think we are worth more than a habit of "Who cares?" Each...should care...a lot. Eternal life is real. Hear Him call.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Truthfully, I never saw it coming. I've been to church since a little kid. Parts I liked. Parts I didn't. The Kool-Aid and cookies were my big draw! The rest was simply a matter of putting in my time.

It's the latter that I find sensed by so church. And, I'm not critical for I once lived there. Yet, the good news that I wish to convey day after day is that life in the church is to be profoundly electric with hope, wonder, and accomplishment.

Ritual kills.  Jesus said so. Life (for us) was and is always his target. Church is not the stiff formation that can be perceived by many who attend. It is the opposite...the breakthrough to abundant (Jesus' word) life!

I encourage you to read your Bible; not so you can say you read it. Rather read to believe. Dare to believe that what isn't yet in your life (your world) can be. When impossible becomes reality, you are striking gold in the kingdom of the interaction with Father.

You can't buy it. Neither can you talk yourself into it. Your role is to believe God. He will supply the "how tos" and the "wherefores".

Church is exciting because it is God-activated and our trump card is that we believe Him over doubters who wish to be negative toward the true spiritual walk.

Monday, May 27, 2019


Life is enormous. It breathes, it moves, it unfolds. If such is centered upon the rigors of the here and now, fatigue will ultimately set in. However, if one peers into the present with eyes for the spiritual, then satisfaction and reward come about.

When things are going right, they are going right. When inclined toward the spirit part of our walk, even when things are going wrong, right things are simultaneously in the works. I love this about our life in Jesus.

I like a comment offered by Elizabeth Browning. "Earth is crammed with heaven, and every bush is aflame with the glory of God. But only those who see take off their shoes.; the rest just pick the berries.

Don't just be a Berry Picker. Take the time to stop, look, listen, and feel (take off your shoes). See, hear, sense the marvel all around you. It's. Called. Living.