Wednesday, May 31, 2023


We believe in Jesus. We believe that he was born upon the earth in order to walk our trails and valleys. Jesus is the Highest of the highest of humanity and the Star of Heaven. Amazing is a word we will continue to use as descriptive; yet there is unfathomable beyondness that goes with it.
Jesus relates to us. God experienced our walk as He wore the robes of His Lamb. Suffering to the point of death, our Father walked the walk and talked the talk through His dear Son. God was the Missionary and Jesus was His interpreter.
Due to such holy teamwork, God knows full-well the multi-challenges that you and I face. And.....He's got us!
May we continue to be worshipfully excited and enthused over the One who lived on purpose in order to die intentionally. He did exactly that for you my friend. He. Did. It. And. Did. It. Well.
I know that many of you are walking some rugged paths these days. Please know that I am sympathetic. But more so, know that God was tenderly pre-sympathetic before you ever hit earth. thinking about you...I wish to remind you that Jesus totally gets you! He got here before you and I did in order to map out, with incredible precision, just what it would take to see that we have that wonderful possession of Eternal Life.
One of Jesus' most remarkable traits is that, even though he was God's only begotten Son, he knew that the ultimate sacrifice of horrific punishment upon the Cross would be what it would take to give us assurance that we could actually live beyond the grave.
Be encouraged my friend. Be very encouraged. Jesus wipes away our failures with His blood and empowers us to live with incredible hope due to His being raised...FROM. THE. DEAD.