Thursday, December 22, 2022


I find the learning of and knowing God in places to be excitingly fascinationalistic in nature. The closer we draw to Him the more amazement there is to be discovered....consistently so.
I wish to encourage you about a simple and yet necessary process of which we all encounter and experience. I speak of breathing.
Life insists that two factors prevail; inhaling and exhaling. Death results when one of these elements refuses participation. If you would, permit me to direct your attention to a similar coordination; giving and receiving.
Awesome life is experienced when one is able to give valuable treasures to others while, simultaneously, has the ability to receive similar generosity from others. Some people struggle to do both; able to give with no willingness to receive..or...are very willing to receive with no interest in giving. One without the other is to curb the inhale/exhale process of one's spirit.
So...I encourage you today to be alive in the Kingdom of God by breathing well. Inhale with delightful receptivity while you also exhale with intentional generosity. When these two traits exist, such a person is "LIFE" to be around.
As God breathes life....LIVE...and in such a process be a blessing to all. May you breathe very!

Friday, August 19, 2022


Jesus was incredible beyond description. He could make wine out of water. Oddly, he could make a sidewalk out of water. Drink it or walk on it; the Marvel of Jesus was that he could adapt on the spur of the moment with great flexibility.
Us? Well, we don't exactly find the need to take a stroll upon a nearby lake. But we do find it meaningful to walk through rugged days coupled with difficult settings as if such a trek was smooth and lovely.
The Marvel of Jesus is that his call toward us, to us, is not one of Sunday School discussion only. It is Monday walks and Tuesday jaunts through confusing waters and woods. And yet, it is precisely upon such days and situations that one's faith has opportunity to begin to bloom.
Jesus believed in relatives....and friends....and enemies. Church isn't sitting in rows only. It is standing up and walking upon the turf of rigorous challenges because, in doing so, a message of hope supplied by Father begins to come into view.
The Marvel of Jesus....remains active as His Spirit is embedded within you and me to travel through the hard times and difficult days. In doing so we give true hope to dear ones who are nearby.
If He could make wine out of ordinary water and then a sidewalk out of ordinary water, imagine what amazing things He just might do through ordinary ones like you and me!
May! We! Live! Very! Enthused!