Friday, August 19, 2022


Jesus was incredible beyond description. He could make wine out of water. Oddly, he could make a sidewalk out of water. Drink it or walk on it; the Marvel of Jesus was that he could adapt on the spur of the moment with great flexibility.
Us? Well, we don't exactly find the need to take a stroll upon a nearby lake. But we do find it meaningful to walk through rugged days coupled with difficult settings as if such a trek was smooth and lovely.
The Marvel of Jesus is that his call toward us, to us, is not one of Sunday School discussion only. It is Monday walks and Tuesday jaunts through confusing waters and woods. And yet, it is precisely upon such days and situations that one's faith has opportunity to begin to bloom.
Jesus believed in relatives....and friends....and enemies. Church isn't sitting in rows only. It is standing up and walking upon the turf of rigorous challenges because, in doing so, a message of hope supplied by Father begins to come into view.
The Marvel of Jesus....remains active as His Spirit is embedded within you and me to travel through the hard times and difficult days. In doing so we give true hope to dear ones who are nearby.
If He could make wine out of ordinary water and then a sidewalk out of ordinary water, imagine what amazing things He just might do through ordinary ones like you and me!
May! We! Live! Very! Enthused!

Monday, June 28, 2021


Romans 5:5 provides this life-altering truth..."and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us." Each of us has our fair share of troublesome times. And God matches these infractions with holy promise. We will not be disappointed. Hope will arise.
It is likely that your days are pelted with angst. About the time you think you have one issue resolved, another breaks out. This is life's pattern. Yet, God places an overlap. He shares the reality of potential hope. And, He goes on to say that we will be pleased; not disappointed.
We. Will. Not. Be. Disappointed.
Hope's location is ultra-significant. It is not located any further away than....your heart. His Spirit has been poured out within our hearts. I would say that this is fairly close proximity. Wouldn't you?
I'm highly sympathetic to your overwhelming struggles. I happen to have a few of my own. We are in this together. Yet more, (no, most) importantly is that God awaits with relieving solution.
God promises...things will work out. Our work is to believe Him.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Even the title doesn't quite seem right, huh? And that's a part of my point. We talk the talk of faith; but we tend to deny major tenets. We are given a holy assignment; a very holy one. We are to take up OUR crosses and follow Him with the identical mission as when He carried His.
From the cross perspective, God's power resides in us. It isn't mainly in our church attendance. Nor is it located in our Bible knowledge. His power is in our carbon-copying the dying of Jesus for the saving of sinners.
Regarding the "as for Jesus/as for us" parallel, take a gander at Hebrews 9:15-22 where it concludes, "without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness."
Do you get the extreme of Jesus? Yes, I believe we do. We buy into it completely and rightfully so. you get the extreme of yourself? That as others offend, hurt, sin against you...and that you are to boldly maintain that exact extreme that Jesus did? Do you understand that this world is not in deep hurt because it can't find a church primarily? It's in deep pain because it can't find duplicationalistic cross carriers.
The power for community healing is found in the dying of its church adherents. The restoration of one who is guilty as sin is not found in their apology; but in the believers absorption of the sinner's guilt. This force (this power) is Christianity-gone-real and when it goes real it will be Christianity-gone-viral.
Yes...we get hurt. Furthermore, others get hurt by us. The call to stop sinning is one element. The insistence to die for the sinner is the mantra of Jesus the Lamb...who was slain. We like the go to church part. The slain part, though, is what helps individuals find their place of acceptance and value. The Cross explains us, defines us, and as it kills us true life.
God's power...really is your power. Be serious about it for others will get well when we can sacrifice for their well-being. Thank you God for giving us a mission life to the hopeless and the You did for us!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


One of God's powers among and within us is the awareness to be thankful. I know that many of you have terribly rough times; genuinely so with absolutely no doubt about the intensity nor the struggle. Yet, I want to be one of those voices in your midst that would encourage you to look for the blessings, His provisionary blessings, within the region of each challenge.
For every stress we deem substantial, someone else has a much larger one that they would be very happy to trade for ours. This doesn't diminish our serious load. It does, hopefully, bring about a perspective that we may find reason to be thankful.
God came to earth as a man specifically to be subjected to brokenness; our brokenness. Not only does He understand our stresses, He beat
We do not deny the trials nor the tribulations seemingly everywhere we turn. And neither do we ever submit ourselves to that deceitful temptation of hopelessness. Nope...not once.
God is the very author of life...two places of birth upon from the womb and life from the tomb. Both...give such an incredible signal of, "You've got to be kidding me! just awesome!"

Thursday, June 06, 2019


I have many favorite authors and books. Max Lucado, Philip Yancey, and Chuck Swindoll (and more can be listed) are three of my dear friends who write perpetual masterpieces. Their books inspired my mission and supported my spirit. But one special author opened the door that I might begin to learn from these friends.
His name? E. Stanley Jones. His “The Divine Yes” constructed my faith and I never got over it. All of his writings set me on fire. But The Divine Yes put sense and practicality into my faith. It transferred my actions into synchronized partnering with Holy God.
I applaud you for your favorite books. Maybe you would want to list the one that awakened you to see God in clearer fashion that others might find gain.
For me, The Divine Yes is still at the top of my list. It is where I began to realize that everything truly is a YES!

Tuesday, June 04, 2019


God first gave mankind instruction written in stone. We would know this as the Ten Commandments. It was the Law. Such was presented to be hard and rigidly concrete as if set in...stone. The Law was given to reflect man's hardness of heart.

But, later on, along came Jesus. The message from God, displayed within His Son, shifted from hardness to flesh. The transition is forever impactive because the adjustment was from concepts and principles to nature..our new nature. The former is unyielding.  The latter? Perpetually flexible.

Is is any wonder that it is much easier to lay down the law than it is to lay down our lives? One comes from hearts of stone. The latter flows from hearts of love. The Holy Spirit ushers in the latter by PERSON-ally (via Jesus) flowing through our hearts day by day.

Don't be a religious grump. Be a spiritual carer of people. Dare to let others see you as one who cares; not one who scares.

Sunday, June 02, 2019


Faith is one gigantic trait that, even in the world of religion, tends to somehow find itself buried within the confines of a formatic ritual. Practices, doctrines, and results tend to dominate. And...each of these three are certainly major tenets of an authentic belief system. Yet the difference I'm addressing is more of whether we are actually suited up and in the game or are we merely sitting in the stands with scorecard in hand?

Are we experiencing the daring moves of God within our walk? Or, are we offering applause when we see others on the field having a breakthrough. Our real work is to suit up (in Christ) with the intention of participating in the actual game of faith versus boredom.

Faith isn't a blink of a moment on our way to completing the three or the five or the eight steps to the plan of salvation; depending on who has devised and issued the plan. Faith is the main thing about knowing, believing, and following Jesus. A problem, a most serious one, is that religion has vaulted itself into which pleasantry group over what are the risks of following our Savior.

Faith is more than a scorecard. It's rewarding to see this element increasing within the church world. Could it be that denominational lines are blurring because increased faith is occurring? I'm one who thinks so. My walk over 71 years has gone from indifference to God, to legalism in church, to trying to lend myself to development in the Spirit. I like the breakthroughs while bemoaning my own notorious and obvious lack.

This I know. Faith is more than a scorecard (used as proof text) hoping to demonstrate our doing church right. It is the transformationalistic leading of the inner person from self-definition to the God-one. We have much entering yet to do. How fun is that? May we grow in the opportunities faith opens as we find ourselves less self-reliant and Jesus totally competent.

Faith is more than a scorecard. One who believes it is most likely is merely engaged in church-attendance mode rather than Holy Spirit expectation. I speak not from criticism. Rather, I nudge with a wow-factor that God can do with us, through us, and for us things that will scare the tar out of us.

We. Say.
Go. For. It. Now.
Enjoy. His. Results.