Thursday, May 30, 2019


I John 4:8 issues a profound statement, "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." While such a comment is world-changing in truth, it has become possibly a yawner in church. We likely tend to like those we like and don't like those we don't. Follow me? Let us sense the apostle's weighty call for reason of giving us true ability to impact our communities.

Is not the fundamental and most fierce challenge among us all that of loving others? Aren't we caught guilty of preferentialicity; you please me and I'll like you? You offend me and I'll keep score you scoundrel?

A Christian's trademark is not that he belongs to a church and attends regularly. No, it is always that nature which exudes from the cross; not getting our way that others be given greater care. This beauty will always need to be seen throughout our walk as we seek to increase in our ability to love others; even those who test us to our limits.

We, as believers in God, can only be verified as truly following Him by our love for others...even when others are a tad bit difficult to treasure from our own strength. No, such an assignment cannot be completed unless....unless the Holy Spirit is given our permission to bear His fruit within us for we cannot possibly muster love for our enemies (and aggravaters) on our own.

The only reason that we cannot bring ourselves to love all others is one. The Bible spells it out. We do not allow the love of God to flow through because, quite honestly and accurately...we don't know God. This challenges me every day. How about you?

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