Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Truthfully, I never saw it coming. I've been to church since a little kid. Parts I liked. Parts I didn't. The Kool-Aid and cookies were my big draw! The rest was simply a matter of putting in my time.

It's the latter that I find sensed by so many...in church. And, I'm not critical for I once lived there. Yet, the good news that I wish to convey day after day is that life in the church is to be profoundly electric with hope, wonder, and accomplishment.

Ritual kills.  Jesus said so. Life (for us) was and is always his target. Church is not the stiff formation that can be perceived by many who attend. It is the opposite...the breakthrough to abundant (Jesus' word) life!

I encourage you to read your Bible; not so you can say you read it. Rather read to believe. Dare to believe that what isn't yet in your life (your world) can be. When impossible becomes reality, you are striking gold in the kingdom of the interaction with Father.

You can't buy it. Neither can you talk yourself into it. Your role is to believe God. He will supply the "how tos" and the "wherefores".

Church is exciting because it is God-activated and our trump card is that we believe Him over doubters who wish to be negative toward the true spiritual walk.

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