Sunday, July 17, 2011


I believe the most significant factor in a congregation's existence does not depend on but one thing. The elders' philosophies or the staff's talent is not what makes a church live. Committee leaders and varieties of ministry opportunities do not provide the answer. One does. The activity of the Holy Spirit among us.

Most in the church will express faith in the Holy Spirit. For many they simply mean they believe He exists; not that He works directly in us. Others believe He exists and labors with us. The former is the death while bustling about in various good deeds. The latter is the Life-blood and the heartbeat of a vibrant congregation.

A church's "aliveness" is neither determined by the number in attendance nor the several good deeds supported. "Aliveness" is based upon the faith that the Spirit of the Holy God co-partners with us....II Cor.6:1.

From experience, I find that churches either stand in pride against other congregations because they are so glad they "are not like other churches" or churches stand in awe that God blesses them. I like my life better when dependent upon Him rather than comparing to others.

Activity isn't the mark of a lively congregation. Doctrinal stance is begging if within that doctrine the active Holy God in Spirit form has been shelved. Aliveness does not come from man's ingenuity nor from his organizational prowess. It comes from the lively presence of the invisible Spirit who loves to bear His fruit in us.

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Anonymous said...

RC Sproul said today, without the Counselor, we have no defense attorney witnessing on our behalf before God! God help me love the Spirit more.