Saturday, July 16, 2011


I am experiencing God! He has taught me so much about walking with Him. He is a terrific walker-througher.

We are set to move a week from Wednesday. Our house sold. We bought another. Closings are due in a few days. They are packing. We are packing.

But yesterday we found that the couple who bought our house has run into a financial hiccup. For the moment the deal is off. That means our purchase is off as well. Bummer.

Bummer? Oh no. No bummer.

Anytime we find ourselves cornered with perplexicity, we can be assured God has the perfect scenario ready for His unveiling. Remember the Israelites cornered by a mountain range, the Red Sea, and an opposing army headed their way? Yes, the people were a panic; but God was setting the stage for His display of a fabulous"Ah-ha!" moment.

So it is for us, precisely, when we are cornered or perplexed. Everything is in perfect order. He has not forgotten us. Rather He is mindful and He wishes to show us another facet of His glorious talent.

How God works out my dilemma, I am totally clueless as to the how....but not the Who. It is a done deal. I anticipate a major breakthrough according to His standard; not mine.

Every day, He says, can be certain for those who live in the Spirit that it is absolutely a good one...Rom. 5:1-5! I am having a very good day!

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DarrelM said...

Been there and done that!!

The real test of one's faith is watching what God will do with us. It requires much prayer, turning loose of our understanding how He works, and letting Him bring the peace. Our timing is not His.

Let us know how this works out, but we all may have to wait a while.