Friday, July 15, 2011


Much about God is unexplainable. Yet, we try. His mystery is so...mysterious. However, we believe we hold the solutions.

Yes, we are guilty of overreaching the "be ready to give an answer" command for we so quickly move into dishing out responses which are really, importantly, and wonderfully...unknown.

Surmises aren't truth. Neither is putting 2 and 2 together. God won't fit human reason. He said so. His ways are higher as well as His thoughts...Is. 55:8-9.

While we are very much responsible to give answers for our hope, we are to avoid answering for God. He handles that portion of the kingdom experience.

I find I enjoy the church so much more when I don't have to have an elaborate response to every probe. I have great hope in Christ. I am free to say why I am full of such hope. And one of the first reasons is I am learning to let God be God which allows me to pull back from living as an answer man.

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