Friday, July 22, 2011


Jesus died on the cross. Father and Son were without one another for 3000 years (or three days depending from whose perspective). The agonizing torture was frightful. Wonderfully ended. Jesus resurrected and the reuniting is tighter than ever!

We are called to take up his cross. But rarely do we mean it. We sing it. But rarely do we mean it. We preach, teach it, and even believe it. But rarely do we mean it.

Oh, I'm not bashing us (me). Really. I'm saying the task is well over our heads as it is well beyond our hearts. Yet we must, must try.

The only way we could find salvation is for God to die. Away with Him. It was the only way. There was/is no alternative. Either He dies or else we never breathe hope....not once. Dying is the only way others can live. We must do so that enemies have legitimate hope to smile again.

Who isn't aware that we are to take up our crosses daily? Why is that? The answer is that sin and betrayal and violation happen day after day after day to someone in our circles. Therapy isn't the first step. Can we find anyone in their circle who loves the enemy enough to take on their guilt; their shame?

None of us can escape the Judas fit. We are him. Jesus rescued. None of us escape the Judas we must connect to someone Christ-like who will not scold us; but better yet die for us.

The only way to clear our messes of multiple things is through the cross procedure. It is the only way that works. The gospel does work! There is a way to recovery. It isn't that the guilty are to be punished; but that the innocent are to take on the guilt....just like Jesus.

This crucifixion is a process to be taken on daily.....Lk. 9:23-24; I Peter 2:21-25.

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Kingdomsaint said...

Something that comforts me from the cross is the although the Gospel begins with raw, graphic suffering; it ends with the utmost comfort: new life forever! I think I am learning that in order to end on the LIFE side of the Gospel I must not coddle myself and paint myself a victim of sin, but rather dead to sin, as Jesus teaches me I must be. Only when I get this body of sin done away with will I be bale to move forward without what's been holding me back from my former life. God needed to die - that means I must die as well to find my real life. I must suffer to find real comfort. If I coddle and pity myself that means I am not dead. Got a lot of work to do!