Thursday, June 25, 2015



Everywhere we go there are people.

THEY are a mess.  THEY do the weird, the obscene, the irresponsible.'s always a THEY because we ignore the words WE and ME.  Conservative churches develop the THEY chatter as much as the liberal ones do; possibly more so.

I've hit upon an area where we (conservative) are extremely liberal.  (By liberal I mean the act of ignoring what the Word of God says to satisfy our own whims and bias.)  We are quite liberal when it comes to the call of God to be evangelistic.  Conservatives wither in fear over this and, therefore, refuse to be responsible in reaching to our neighbors with the great news Jesus intends.

Sticky, sensitive, and intentional, conservative members monitor closely that everything called for in the Bible is to be fulfilled individually...except...evangelism.  It is at this juncture that conservative churches become excessively liberal by dismissing a very clear and Christ-centered will of God.

Conservatives don't care about this one.  We can find other things to do in the church. Mission isn't one of them regardless of who extended it.  Our glib reaction to the command to love our neighbors would incense and infuriate us if we were to give such non-regard, say, to communion or to baptism.  Yet, we somehow have developed a disregard which is sheer liberalism to the max.

ISIS isn't to be single-handedly blamed for its successful aggression.  The silent liberal church could also share responsibility. Washington appears to be a mess in multiple zones; but it's the church which hides publicly in her various buildings and has significantly lost her voice; hoarse from yelling at that other church across the street.

Admittedly, it's one thing to point out our dirty laundry of liberalism among ourselves. So may we move forward by wishing, praying, reaching to our neighbors.  May we find that we are faithful in receiving/welcoming the grand charge God has given us.  Let there be voices heard, attention given, and neighbors noticed for the love of God is desperately needed within every home on every street; no exception.

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