Friday, June 26, 2015


World War I.  II.  Korea.  Vietnam.  Afghanistan.  On and on and on the list builds.


Vicious.  Ruinous.  Suffocating to the heart.

Yet, there is a bigger war; more threatening, more painful, more damaging.  It is the War of the Mind.

The War of the Mind battles people and circumstances.  Thoughts are the sneaky culprits infiltrating, even manipulating, past conversations.  This war's weapon is embellishment.  Embellishment is nuclear as it doesn't just do immediate damage.  Its residue sabotages the mind for grand lengths of time.

The Bible is not vague as to effectively countering discouragement.  It knows the battle of the mind; our minds.  It notes our vulnerability in negative chatter; whether from external critic or that dreaded internal conversation.  The Word of God understood us before we existed.

So I say to you from another angle to look again at the same place....because I'm saying that many of you need this today; like in right now.  Read Philippians 4:4-9.  Read it. Let it measure you for size.  Allow it to evaluate your mind; your thinking technique that may perpetually betray you.

There is a new world out there for each of us.  It is loaded with mines of gold.  The discovery is not found in the location of the fields.  Rather it is first found within the regions of how we choose to think. is always a choice.

Everyone faces the great war.  There is no exception.  The good news is that everyone faces renewed potential and victory.  Every one!

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