Saturday, June 27, 2015


God puts the iffiness of whether out of commission.  Happiness is not dependent upon whether things go a certain way.  Productivity isn't aborted when interference develops.  Neither is reason to hope.  Once a person believes this truth, life never looks the same.  Doubt and fear wilt as  possibility and expectation begin to govern.

Romans 5:1-5 is just one Bible text that expresses sheer hope during good days and the identical hope in the bad ones.  This is where the mind and heart make adjustments for real living.  Regardless of circumstance--positive or negative--there is always supreme reason to excel in the range of hope.

God is all about hope.  So is Jesus.  So is the Holy Spirit.  So are you and me; we are to possess this incredible, unconquerable dynamic.

Young, handsome, athletic Van Phillips was in a boating accident on a lake in Arizona. He awakened from surgery only to peek beneath the covers to find a foot missing. Where his future could have been perceived as setback, he chose to sense that he was now advantaged.

Fitted with a pink foot at the end of a tube, Phillips began to intensely study the science of prosthetics.  He wanted to make improvements.  This included not only research; but multiple failures.  That's what winners do; learn via failure.

Warren Berger wrote of Phillips, Every time a foot broke, he dissected the failure through questioning: "Why did it break? What if I change the mix of materials?  How will this new version hold up?"  Each time Phillips fell, he landed in a place that was further ahead, closer to the breakthrough.  He was failing forward the whole time.

Each time Phillips fell, he landed in a place that was further ahead. Advantaged...always advantaged.

Berger, then, reveals an amazing thing about Phillips' consistent demeanor of failing forward, as a winding road oft uphill, to success.  His Flex-Foot creation has impacted society.  An amputee climbed Mount Everest.  A double-amputee sprinter competed in NCAA track and field.  South African, runner Oscar Pistorius ran on two Cheetahs as he competed in the 2012 Olympics.

Regardless of pressure, disappointment, or sheer difficulty, we are always advantaged.  There is never the exception.  High waters?  Jesus walked atop of them. Punished upon the cruel Tree?  He advantaged his enemies with a remarkable reason to life full life eternally.  Dead in a tomb?  What a stage for an amazing exit?

Advantaged?  Oh....that would be you and me....every day!

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