Sunday, June 28, 2015


Conflict rages; if not outwardly then this villain will press to reign inwardly.  This is spiritual warfare that many  refuse to acknowledge or address.  Unrest, therefore, rules both our conversations by day and our pillows by night.  The result is severe vulnerability.

The battle isn't regarding others; although we surely live in self-defense by pointing to the error of their ways.  No. It's much heavier than that.  The war escalates because we each have a rule; the very same identical rule....each of us.  That rule is: it is never my fault for how things are; but rather caused by another.  Always another!

The solution isn't found in the right church.  Many of us try to build the right church. Yet we basically go nowhere different than all of the others.  The solution is found in the Builder of the church; Jesus.

Why is it that when such a statement is made in finding answers in Jesus, it is the church which is usually among the first to reject it?  Why is that?  Well, it is the very same reason the religious leaders of Jesus' day were high on themselves while insisting that Jesus be strung up.  They were self-righteous (compared to Jesus-righteous).

The lost of the world are so largely because we saved ones have substituted best show for only Rescuer.  We put on our best, attend our best...and it's all fluff...and the community knows it.  When we are given to Jesus--not our denominations, not our pet doctrines, not our favorite worship style; but to Jesus--it is then that transformation has a chance.

Those observing us see through us.  We don't think they do.  What we want to offer is our admission that we are nothing (a big zero) without Him.  We are aware more of our own sins than anyone elses.  Our adoration is vocally given to God; not to our successes.

Conflict is solved; not in a list of do-goods-we-got-done, but in knowing the only man who gave his all....and then...he beat the grave.

What shall we do?  We shall humble ourselves before the Lord.  And then we shall enjoy the work He gets done to influence others about truth and hope.

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