Friday, December 13, 2013


I don't know if you have taken the time to notice; but people have been hurt by others day in and day out for as long as time has been. And possibly you have also noted....we struggle to get it stopped.  The explanation for this is that man fell in the Garden soon after creation.  Why do you think God points us to being a new creation in Jesus...II Cor. 5:14-21?

The hurt stops and the healing begins at the foot of the Cross.  There is no other way.  This is the only way your family can get well.  This is the only place of healing.

Why is it that in every system on earth be it family, business, social activity, or even church, that there is a constant factor; seriously hard feelings?  The sin of Adam and Eve was true and its reach is devastatingly current.  The good news is God arranged help.

In the Garden, the sin came from the tree.  Note that Jesus was also hung on a Tree; the starting point of sin. Upon that tree Jesus absorbed the pain, the hurt, the disruption of and for all mankind.

We have been hurt by people who have also been hurt.  Our job is to stop this domino-ing train wreck.  Our role is to break the devastation which is rampant among us.  How?

Forgive 70 x 7.  Forgiveness counters offense.  But people have hurt us and still do.  You do realize these hurt us because they inherited pain, don't you?  Certainly.  People spew and grump because they have been abundantly spewed and grumped.  Our opportunity is noble for it stops the hurt by receiving the hurt and forgiving.

This is precisely what Jesus did; but not only this.  He passed along to believers the system of healing and hope.

The Bible insists we take up our crosses daily and follow Him.  To what?  The dance?  The gift exchange?  No.  Follow him by being unfairly treated and injured.  Follow him in forgiving those that intended to hurt you.  Follow him by blessing instead of cursing.

Yes, I have been deeply injured by the angers and the rudeness and the selfishness of others.  In every instance those who hurt me had been sufficiently damaged by someone else.  Plus, I've done my equal share of hurting and injuring others.

The road to hope is the road to the Cross...and there is no other way which will bring lasting relationship.  You and I...we get hurt by good people who have been hurt.  Maybe if we can remember this we will be more likely to forgive 70 x 7.  We can give it because from the Cross we got it.

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