Thursday, December 12, 2013


9-11 was a wake-up call that has not been forgotten.  America was blatantly attacked at America's gateway to a free society.  We were shaken from a security that had held onto us well.  When we are informed of terrorists movement anywhere in the world, we are now highly alerted to the truth that we are no longer exempt from their hunt.

All of this merely points us to the sober need to note agitation which is going on behind the scenes; even our scenes.

In the beginning The Terrorist attacked you and me directly via Adam and the First Lady.  As they both partook of the forbidden fruit the Bible says their eyes were opened....and they were afraid.  The enemy robbed them of original eyesight; their new eyes were flawed and we each have inherited restrictive sight.

John Eldredge sets out to warn readers that the original Terrorist has attacked via the eyes.  He did it in the garden and continues to this date.

The very thing that was to give our lives meaning and protect us--this way of seeing--has been lost. Or stolen from us.  Notice that  those who have tried to wake us up to this reality were usually killed for it; the prophets, Jesus, Stephen, Paul, most of the disciples, in fact.  Has it ever occurred to you that someone was trying to shut them up?

Here's a thing we struggle to get; we are at war.  Life is at war and The Terrorist will go to any measure to shut us up.  If he can't kill us he can at least try to get us to speak death words to God's cause.  The Terrorist didn't offer Eve a handgun or a vial of poison.  He simply talked her into taking just one bite of an innocent looking fruit...and all of mankind was betrayed.

Do not slumber.  Be very alert.  If The Terrorist tried to shut up those listed above, what do you think he wishes for you and me?

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