Saturday, November 30, 2013


Jesus is the real deal.  He is the great Understander of where we live. 

Jesus has been mistakenly made out to be a rigid as well as unreachable church icon.  He isn't.
He is God in the flesh sent to interpret man to God and God to man.  He is surely everyone's friend.

For those who love the idea of church, he gets us.  He knows that our disappointments wear us thin.  He knows our holy ache to be more than we are; filled with good intentions that are fulfilled maybe half of the time.  No one understands the needs of any who try to become like him better than Jesus.

And, for those who don't like the idea of church, he gets that as well.  He spent his walking days trying to lead good men and women to sort through the religiosity which gunked the pure love of God by distractionary rules and regulations.

Jesus is so like God that he has a grasp of what's bugging us when we can't figure.  Simultaneously, he is so like us that he can pass back to Father our confusions and addictions with a call for relief. 

Jesus has such a way of relating to where we live.  He calls the believer to believe deeper.  He calls the doubter to change his or her mind.  One may reject a lot of things in life.  Jesus, however, is not to be one of 'em. 

Nobody understands you or me the way he does. 

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