Tuesday, December 03, 2013


One of my sons, Tim,  and his family are missionaries in Mexico.  Over their ten years + in that country they have encountered perpetual harassment from a corrupt police force.  A few weeks ago Tim and Kim's missionary partner, James, was pulled over and jailed without cause--they are American and thus constant targets for bribes--while driving their suburban to pick up a missionary team from the states.

James was released the next day; but the car was impounded.  The government refuses to give them their car back.  This has been about a six weeks hassle.

I received this note from Tim yesterday:

Hey guys, just a quick note / prayer request.,.

Kim just got some bad news on her visa paperwork.  She went in today to ask about receiving written permission to leave the country since her paper work is still being processed and won't be done before we fly to California in a couple of weeks.  And the man told her that she won't be allowed to leave the country until the paper work is finished.  

She could cancel her paper work and start over once she returns but that isn't really a possibility at this point since it would probably mean we would lose the car.  It would also mean she would have to start over with her paperwork from the U.S. side of the border... and that could still take months, which would mean we'd probably have to be in California for the duration of the paper work.  

Since this is Mexico, that is not the last word.  We will go to a different office this week to see if there is a chance of either getting the permission or if they could expedite the process for her.

So, would you please pray for the whole process and especially for Kim's peace.  She was pretty sad when she called.

About the suburban... The lawyer friend who is working on the car told us last week that it will be another month to three months before anything moves forward on the truck.  I honestly don't know if that means it will take that long until we get it back, or it will take that long until they start asking for paperwork/fines and whatever else.

Since the Mexican government basically shuts down in the middle of December, I think the "one month" is optimistic.  However, the lawyer and James go today to give James' statement that we loaned him the car to drive.  I have no idea why they want that and not our statement... but this is Mexico.  I'm praying James comes back with some good and unexpected news for us.

Under these circumstances I am constructing a prayer team from all over the world.  Would you mind praying for the following:
  1. Please express to God your thankfulness for this circumstance; thus letting Him know we will not shrink from being enthused over Him.
  2. Thank God for the peace He can and will afford Tim and Kim as they gracefully endure this rocky road.
  3. Praise God for taking control of this matter beyond all human input as we trust in Him far more than we trust in our managerial and maneuverabilities.
  4. Seek His willingness to release their car as well as provide Kim the paperwork needed to travel to her family at Christmas.
Ephesians 3:14-21.  When life is complicated we fit right in for it is opportunity galore for God to show His amazing and continual handiwork.  

Thank you for praising God while praying for my kids!!

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