Tuesday, July 10, 2012


From day one of my induction into the Church of Christ, I have been enamoured with the Restoration Movement.  I love its approach, its simplicity, and its biblical yearn.  While we slip down that slope of mistakenly trying to restore the Restoration Movement instead of the biblical Way, the impact of hope the New Testament church offers is wonderfully staggering.

One of the things that intrigues me about the RM is that it isn't owned by the denominational Church of Christ.  It is, rather, possessed by believers who hold within their hearts a passion for maturing into Bible direction. 

I recently read from Jason Ma's, The Blueprint, a concept he sees from his ministry of which we would most likely assume to be light years from us.  Restoration...This occurs as each successive wave of revival restores great truths that were part of the normal experience for the Early Church of the apostolic age but were neglected since then.  In my experience, restoration of the New Testament Church has to do with the revelation God had given me to empower students and every believer to be missionaries to all of society by planting relationship-based, student-led house churches--particularly, networks of campus churches (planting simple churches) like they did in the book of Acts!

No one group owns the Restoration Movement.  It is a movement of courageous hearts that craves to discover what Jesus might desire of our moment at hand.  I still love being a part of it.  The Church of Christ has largely lost its way in this noble cause as it has frozen itself in a time capsule of "the way we have always done it" to the neglect of the Spirit's willingness to move among us today.

May we enjoy being a part of a great movement rejoicing that others may not just be with us; but may likely be ahead of us.

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