Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Be still and know that I am God (Psa. 46:10).

When Jesus enters any scene two things likely will happen: (1) the humble will be wonderfully whisked up in surpriseful acceptance, and (2) the religiously correct will encounter equal surprise of rejection.  Seldom is (2) found to yield to the nature of (1); but such is needed from each of us.

For those of us in the (2) frame of heart, it is really hard for us to see ourselves.  After all, we are religiously committed when these others seem not. 

For one, I am highly intrigued by politics.  One reason I am glued to radio and TV reports is that often these scenes reflect the church's presence in our own communities.  While I'm not sure, it seems to me that political parties are gaining momentum in polarization.  And churches?

Has truth been burned at the stake in the name of arrogant gain...from both sides?  Is progress to be shelved while personality contests distort national interests?  And, has this scene/is this scene playing out in the religious world as well?

Of course it is.

We will forever be called to yield to Father.  We will also find ourselves challenged to rethink one more time what we have already rethought for Jesus is perpetually full of unveiling and revealing new ways.  We will do well to gain in being still so that our voices might be silenced that God could get a Word in.

Could it be that truth is distorted by assuming we are right when truth would call us to be distracted for the love of others?  Could this be the shortest route to harmony's reality?  Distracted by love....might be our planet's resolve.

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