Sunday, July 08, 2012


God's children shine when under pressure. 

With the cross as our icon, we surely must continue in the understanding that faith isn't for sissies.  We are called into tough--yes and glorious--stuff that won't set well with the flesh standards.  We are called to the Spirit language and map.

We will be most challenged; intensely pressured.

I might not be right about this; yet I wonder if our five-step plan of salvation is perhaps undermining the gospel development among us/within us.  Have we so pushed to get 'em to the water that we have basically believed mission accomplished?  Have we not told this to them (seekers) and to us (finders)? 

Christianity isn't about being baptized and then sitting in church houses 'til Jesus comes.  Nor is it the taking up of a benevolent service engagement here and there. 

It is about losing.  Faith is about losing....losing our lives that we might find life.  Take a look at today's church inventory.  Every man or woman that is valiantly alive are always the ones who risk losing.  On the other hand, each anemic among us is one who can trace their baptism with pride but refuse to lose their reputations, their images, and their comfort for the sake of reaching to a hurried and frenzied world.

Christianity upsets the flesh docket.  We lose to win.  We are winners.  There is victory.  Study Romans 8:26-39 and see if victory isn't in the midst of actual pain and agony. 

Story after story in the Word reveals a people or a person under severity of pressure only to find this  would be yet another stage from which God will perform His outrageous skill.

Do not be discouraged with discouragement.  Rather, lift your eyes.  It is most likely true that just as the resurrection disarmed the tomb's strong grip, you are being perfectly poised for yet another awesome stroke of God.

Living under pressure?  Don't be surprised and don't be discouraged.  God is at work...NOW.

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