Thursday, October 27, 2011


Patience is an odd sort within and among us. Each of us severely needs it from all others. Yet, ours runs like many bank accounts....thin.

If ever there was a trait involving the gift of God toward us in order to be renewed day by day, it surely involves patience from Him and from all others. We are in a place to start life over because of patience.

It isn't a self-mustering patience, either. For that sort runs dry. We must have the fruit of the Holy Spirit to carry on in the kingdom with ones like me....and like you. We test each other. The tests get....testy.

Just as the Prodigal Father was quick to celebrate, I think this is what saves me among us. I am surrounded by Prodigal Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters.

I so enjoy the kingdom life and its resurrection power. But my taking two steps forward and three steps back week after week leaves me in need of someones willingness to allow the Spirit fruit to pass through their veins.

The fruit of patience is a grand and glorious product of heaven alive on earth. We not only really need it, we really have it coming toward us.

Praise His name!

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