Friday, October 28, 2011


Do you ever say the wrong thing? How about the right thing at the wrong time? Or, how about the right thing at the right time the wrong way? There is so many ways we inferiors can mess up a well-intended conversation.

I do not speak of sinful matters which would call for repentance. I speak of hang-nail words and actions which erode our mentals and emotions...the little stuff that personalities like mine make way too big.

These mood breakers ruin the spirit of our days. Discouragement looms in the air. We find ourselves robbed of the day's riches for we cannot restore the yuck soup we just caused.

Oh, but yes we can. I learned a ways back a few helpful perspectives.

  1. Everything will be okay.

  2. Forgiveness toward ourselves is both possible and important. Drop it.

  3. Drop the need to go around explaining and re-explaining. Learn to let it go.

  4. Most of the time those on the other end are not even phased by what you would regard as social collapse.

  5. Everything will be okay.

  6. We insecure fret over matters the maturer dismiss. We needlessly torture ourselves.

  7. The more we throw ourselves into the community filled with murders, cancers, and fatalities the more inclined we will be to give previous disturbing issues a shrug and move on.

  8. Everything will be okay.

I wanted to write about the Cardinals terrific and historic comeback last night...but I feel led that some need the above much more.

(World Series: Cope 3 Rush 3)

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Anonymous said...

Persistently bummed about my lack! Borrowed a ladder this weekend from an out of town neighbor (a previously negotiated deal). While walking past their deck with the extension ladder on my shoulders broke a piece of the wife's pottery. Par for my course and a microcosm of many other of my misgivings. But, in the end, the reply from the neighbor was "don't worry about it at all". All that fret for nothing as it usually is. Satan loves to get us fretting, doesn't he? Yes, I needed this...thanks.