Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Everything goes right for me!

Although the Cardinals were to play tonight, I was going to be at church.

Tonight's game is cancelled due to inclement weather. How strange. I am to be in class because it's Wednesday!

So I look forward---we can look forward---to a game tomorrow night.

I share this picture with Curt Flood and Tim McCarver. McCarver is the TV analyst, alongside Joe Buck, for the Series.

This is a picture taken when I was 34 years old at my very first Cardinal camp. McCarver was my team's coach. They made me a catcher because no one else wanted to do it. Some pitches hurt my thumb so badly that I wore a shoe horn inside my glove...until they found out!

Root for I don't want Cope to win!


Mike Cope said...

A point of clarification. I am a life-long St. Louis Cardinals fan who has lived in TX twenty years now. So I'm pulling for my "local team" (that has never won a WS) against my other favorite team.

My favorite scenario: Rangers win game 7, 10-9, surpassing Pujols' record four home runs in the final game (right before he extends his contract with the Cards).

But I had to make a choice. So, yes. Go, Rangers!

Terry Rush said...

Hi Mike. I sure hope my Cards hold on 'til game 7.

You and I are nearly reverse in that the Rangers are my favorite AL team...and Tulsa is stuck in the middle of both!

Go Cards in 7 and if we can't do it in 7 then I say in 9!

Anonymous said...

Okay you two! Obviously someone is going to lose...I'm hopin' it won't be the Rangers! Sorry Terry.



Anonymous said...

I'm evening this one up....Go Cards!!!

Lea Anne