Thursday, March 25, 2010


The Tulsa Workshop officially opened last night. The only reason I am writing an article today is I'm to meet with 15 preachers in 20 minutes for an Early Bird special in my office.

Last night was huge!

Don McLaughlin was as good as ever and with good reason. All he did was report on God working. I've said it before and will say it again, there is magic in simply telling about what God is doing among His people.

Don's message was thrilling and inspiring as it was filled with God's continued handiwork.

Here we go into a full day! Hurray for us!

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Brian's Bibilcial Minute said...

Thanks for letting me be one of the 15! It was awesome. My daughter who is 13 asked me if she could raise money to build a school in Nicaragua that will cost $6,500 and to start the shoe box gifts for the children's Christmas. I said, YES! YES! YES! I was totally inspired. You know that $100 we got, well, it will be the first gift and now she only needs $6,400 Please pray for my daughter Tessa as she begins this incredible work.