Friday, November 27, 2009


This blog reaches a lot of regions as well as leadership hearts. I'm always encouraged to learn of the great things God is doing. This is a special time of year. Gratitude prevails.

You are on...the mic is in your face (in this case at your fingertips). Tell us about a work the church or individuals are doing which inspire you and would inspire us.

It does us good to learn of God working. The mic is facing you....and you are on. What do you see?


tim rush said...

Two great leaders are Gerardo and Carola in Guadalajara, Mexico. Their daughter almost died from diabetes three years ago. Since then, they've begun a foundation for children with diabetes (the only one for kids in Mexico) and are reaching many.

Stoogelover said...

After 30 years of preaching, my wife, son and I are running a family owned / operated mortuary. We truly began this as a ministry to the Lord and he has blessed us. Hardly a week goes by that we aren't able to touch someone's life with the love of Jesus. We are intentional about that and so many families have told us what a huge difference it has made ... as well as dozens of families telling us how different we are from other mortuaries they have dealt with in the past. When the time comes it is no longer a ministry and becomes just a business, we hope to walk away from it.

It's after 10:00pm and I just spent some time on the phone with a man who lost his father today. Tomorrow morning I'll call another family who lost a loved one. We helped them earlier with another death. Tomorrow afternoon, we'll help a family honor their loved one in a way most mortuaries would never do. And who knows what will happen before Monday morning?? We just know God allowed us to have this business when all the odds were against us. And we're into our third year of ministry when all the odds (the big, powerful, wealthy corporate owned mortuaries nearby) said we'd never make it against the competition.

Anonymous said...

I preached for 20 years being sure to make it very clear that I was "correct" in my teaching at all times. Five years ago God used a major back injury and a series of surgeries to show me what HE wanted me to do with my life.

For the last 2 years, I have been working at an emergency shelter for troubled youth. Many of these youth are in extreme pain and have no one to turn to. God has opened my heart to their needs and their beauty. A year ago, I was led further to open my home as a foster home for teenage girls who had children and were in foster care and infants who were suffering from issues due to fetal drug abuse. God has shown me thru these children His glory and His love in so many ways.

It constantly amazes me how God used what I thought was an injury that would end my usefulness in His service as the very thing that opened my heart to become the servant HE wants me to be. All glory be to His name.

Robin said...

This is quite a few days late, but I'll add my two cents anyway (what could it hurt?!). By the way, for our brothers and sisters in churches of Christ, this comment may be a little "different" or "interesting" but it's something that my family and friends and I feel is being blessed by God.

Since moving to OK from TN, my family and I couldn't agree on a church home. Some of our friends who made the move with us verbalized an idea that I had had but never expressed. That idea was to start a house church using video podcasts from one of our favorite preachers in Nashville, Mike Glenn (Brentwood Baptist). We met Mike at Kairos, a worship service at BBC designed for twenty-somethings searching for the Lord and the truth of his word. Since we had been missing that service, we decided to create Kairos OKC. We have had three services, so far, and our largest crowd has been ten...twice! We took the last couple of Sundays off due to travel and holidays. We'll be back on this coming Sunday, God willing, and who knows, maybe we'll get eleven here!

We covet prayers in this leap of faith.