Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is the week of being with people...in some cases lots of people. Notice everyone in your zone. Pick up on their hurts as well as their hopes. Inquire of those whom you would tend to ignore as to what is going on in their lives. The reason? Everybody counts. Inquire and inspire. There's a bumper sticker.

This week is a tribute to one of God's grandest themes: thankfulness. Some among us may not believe anyone is thankful for them. We have opportunity to reverse their spirits. We can make them into new people by our acknowledging they exist....importantly exist.

Do what you can to avoid taking anyone for granted. Look into the eyes of those who feel lowest. State your case as to why you believe in them. Tell them why they are powerful in your eyes. Especially the young will tend to think they are family fringe and don't matter so much to aunts and uncles. Prove differently.

Let your light so shine that it brightens the eyes of another. You are encountering people as if they are human candles. You are the match. Light them up. Watch them glow. When you put one human candle ablaze there is great possibility they will pass it on. What a great way to live...lighting the human candles!

May we continue the contagion of liking right now and liking all of those around us right now!

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