Friday, November 27, 2009


Our world is in a world of hurt. There is so much entanglement. People are hurt; some are ruined. And we possess the heart of Jesus, so what do we want to do? We want to make everything

A homeless couple happened upon my office doorstep this afternoon. They have been staying under a bridge for two nights. I would guestimate them to be 25? She was a cutie and he was so handsome.

She had a job at a bar. They were evicted from their apartment for "some stuff that happened". DHS took their two children. Court is set a for a week from Monday. Get the picture? Their lives are a tangled mess.

I was able to give them money for three night's lodging and food. I don't know how they got into this bind. I haven't a clue what poor choices they made to bring this on. My heart wants to fix life for them. The most I could do was have them come into my office, sit, let me look them in the eyes, and listen.

I love this couple. It doesn't matter to me if any or all of this is their fault. I want to help.

What gets me more is this is a picture of community. Much of it is falling apart. I need God to work in me/us bigger.

I prayed to God early this morning to win the whole world. I want to see Him do that Jesus-stuff where thousands are reached. In the kingdom scope of things with so many members blanketing earth, I'm assuming it is happening. God is winning the world.

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Nellie said...

And you are obviously helping Him win. Awesome!