Saturday, November 28, 2009


Are we on fire for God? Or, are we on fire of being on fire?

I feel sorry for the multitudes who have encountered my passionate religious exercises called Soul Winning. While indeed I had genuine interest in drawing the lost to Jesus, I had a bigger interest in proving I could do what I feared I couldn't; persuade any of His love. The contest wasn't would they believe the man as much as could I sell the plan.

From my perspective (which is surely only one) I would say to most of us, who want to move toward our neighbors, that before we move forward we might want to back off.

I made the process of leading others to Jesus far too messy and unnecessarily difficult. I had proof texts that I used more like sling-shots rather than seed. I had one goal; stand in the baptistery with them. I was not a soul winner at first. I was a trophy hunter.

But due to some miserable failures and a merciful God, I see opportunities differently. I don't have to sell Jesus; I merely want to tell of him. Our role is not so much to take him out there as to lift him up. Lifting him up didn't fit in my five steps; it's only one. One can't be right, can it? Didn't I understand God did everything in fives? Or, was that sevens? Or, twelves?

I encourage you to be even more aggressive in reaching out. This is sorely needed in every community. But I would encourage us to reach out with the patience of sowing seed while possessing the confidence God knows how to draw. If we would back off from our rules and regulations and replace such with our love for relationships, I think we will see a much more encouraging orchard filled with Holy Spirit fruit.

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