Saturday, November 28, 2009


Don't look now but Sunday is running up behind us.

Any of you young men out there in a panic? I'm not in a panic; but I am on appropriate edge.

Be assured, God is working on the sermon from many places besides your head. He's responding to prayers offered for some maybe seven years ago and tomorrow those "prayed overs" will be dropping by your place. Give 'em heaven!

God has been working on your sermon. Brothers and sisters have invited guests and they are hoping against hope we have a message of good news. Oh, how they hope we are known as a place of good news tomorrow morning.

My sermon isn't done yet. I would guess about 55% completed. I have to leave tomorrow morning opened for Him. We've worked this way for years. I've thought and studied and prayed throughout the week. As a result things will occur to me in the morning that I have yet to consider.

Do this with yours; trust God and trust His Word. The church and her visitors are not gathering to see how interesting we are. They want to know if we have any scoop on life for where they have been seems to be burning out. We do have life! Give 'em heaven!

Do your best not to smother the Spirit in your over-preparation as well as your self-preserving control. Those in front of you care less about your outline. They desperately want to run into a preacher who believes with great enthusiasm that this message is directly from God and not from his preparation skills.

Preparing is of utmost importance; so don't misunderstand. If you haven't been listening for His input and have put together a sermon one more Sunday....on your own.

Do you know how to give 'em heaven? You get it from heaven. You give it because you get it. Do well tomorrow. People want to know God is alive. Demonstrate it!

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Brian's Bibilcial Minute said...

I gave them heaven today! Really, I did. Being Thankful for Heaven. I even mentioned you in it!