Sunday, November 29, 2009


Our small group prayed for an hour at our house and then went out to eat. Our waitress was the usual personable and professional. I noticed something about her, though, that said to me she would be open to God; possibly in need of God.

After our group interaction with her throughout our meal, I stepped away from our table to have a private conversation. I introduced myself and told her where our group was from. Then I told her I thought I could tell that she was a very good woman; that I could see God in her. I told her that if ever she hit a point where she needed encouragement just remember our church is one of those places she can count on.

What would you guess her reaction? She leaped to hug my neck. Very purposefully she went on to tell me of some big struggles recently and that she has been looking for a church.

I basically know nothing about her; her life, her schedule, her patterns. But I feel very good that God used me tonight to make contact with one He is reaching. Whether we see her again or she becomes a part of another Christian group elsewhere, it is very fun to have eyes to believe another would be open to God....and find out I was right.

See people. Sow seed. Win as He wills. How fun is that?


Nellie said...

What a wonderful evening you and God have had!

Unknown said...

When I grow up, I want to be just like you. To have eyes that see God working, and courage to join Him.

Brian's Bibilcial Minute said...

God's wonder working power through you! As you say, way to go, God!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush
What an awesome opportunity that God put in front of you...and her!

Quick preaching question for you ever find the opportunity/need to discuss sin from the pulpit? Even in a very pointed way? Not in a critical or unloving way, but actually in a loving one? In our post-modern world, as lines continue to become more and more blurred, how do you speak even to those in your congregation who you see are totally engrossed with all the world has to offer?

Danna said...

I'm with Lita~When I grow up, I want to be like you! I love you!

Terry Rush said...


Sin is necessarily a part of every message in some form. The message of the cross is empty if not for debilitating sin.

What I found in the pre-modern church was the feeling that if we named certain sins then "we preached against sin". Yet the sin of disbelief remained present as well as unnoticed.

The fact that the pre-modern or modern church believed it to be the only ones saved and yet lived in fear that individually we might still be blatant sin.

Sin cannot be sugar-coated nor ignored. Otherwise, salvation from what?

I don't know as I purposefully try to acknowledge it or avoid it. Everywhere we view Jesus he is dealing with someone's sin whether embedded in man's tradition or failing to worship God...or all others.

Refusal to be merciful to the sinner is....sinful.

There remains much for us to preach about sin and always will be. It's very strangling nature makes the freedom Christ offers even more beautiful.

The topic of sin is a major component of the Christian discussion. I guess a difference I experience now is I once relished in preaching against any sins I wasn't guilty of. Now I believe James...stumble in one...guilty of all.