Monday, November 09, 2009


First, today we cleared 250,000 hits on this blog. Thanks for the encouragement you have sent my way during this fun time.

Next, I was talking with my daughter, Wendy, today. Their congregation in North Atlanta has issued to every member (due to a generous donor) thousands of dollars to give away to the poor. Wendy and husband Chris and kids Hayden (6) and Campbell (4) have been studying various ways to share their assigned funds.

Initially, it has been a fun thing. As they find needs; a homeless family in Hayden's school, the hungry along the street, Wendy said the need is so staggering they feel they can't make any difference.

Isn't that how many of us feel about our portion of the kingdom work? Don't some feel overwhelmed regarding families without food while others grieve over children without homes? Still others try to think of how to spread good cheer while I, personally, strain to help everyone I can believe that they are valuable...and good enough to be saved.

Ours is a very challenging life....really. There isn't a need one can find but what further research will leave all completely overwhelmed by the size of monstrous need.

Enter Jesus. Remind us of that fish and loaves ordeal? How did that one go? He took too little and fed too many with too much? Is that how that went?

Yes and such is precisely what we need to remember. I don't know of a servant of Christ who does not appropriately and faithfully live in humility (humiliation) of feeling completely undone and overwhelmed by his or her assignment/calling. Such insists, therefore, that Jesus will have to do the grunt work of and for the body. He will be the provider. He will be the fruit-bearer.

Our job? To believe the impossible. May we count how little we have....and then turn it all over to him. Watch him make the difference.


Wendy said...

Wow! You would not believe how many bags of clothes/supplies I just bought for our homeless family and the little orphan boys...well, actually you would believe it. God turned our little bit of money into a LOT of warm clothes. Love you!

Steven said...

It is amazing how God works. I enjoyed the story of Bon Jovi on the news last night and how his foundation is giving back.
The reporter asked, "is it possible without government help to accomplish making things better". I looked at Tanya and said the churches should be doing it. If all churches were to adopt a school (like Memorial Drive), Wow! What a difference it makes in peoples lives.
Bon Jovi's reply was "yes the private sector can make a difference". "just pay it foward".
Jesus paid our sins forward. Why not share the wealth with others.

Anonymous said...

This is the coolest thing I've heard in a while. :)