Sunday, November 08, 2009


Ah, I might have titled that better. Too, my data is anything but professionally accumulated. From experience I share ideas as to why men are poor leaders.

First, I don't mean all men. Many are very good leaders. Neither do I mean men versus women are poor in leadership abilities. I believe many men are poor leaders; some choose to not lead at all. Why?

My opinion is just and only an opinion. My observation says men see ourselves as macho and we have an immediate image to protect as well as project. Therefore, it becomes paramount that we be in control. Being in control is supposed to be under God and not us...Romans 9:16.

We men hesitate to expose ourselves to areas of kingdom work where we don't already have some sort of confidence. Confidence in the Spirit is not sought because we tend to hide out only in those smaller zones of safety to the male ego.

Again, I am not saying that no men lead well. That isn't the truth. I am saying that many men in leadership roles in the church are not efficient because they are more concerned over protecting their image than providing courageous guidance. Men are cowardly when it comes to becoming what we are not; sensitive, compassionate, or understanding.

It is easier to rule than to lead. Too many men neither study the Word nor pray. I lived in that climate for a preacher for the church. I worked from the guts and muscle I could muster; but not from admission I was a complete mess unless He stepped in.

Therefore, what works best for the male gender regarding leadership? I think vulnerability. We aren't much. God is. We don't know how to do most things. He does. We are of no adequacy...except that which comes from God...II Cor. 3:4-5.

A matter which has given me a boost in the kingdom work is to realize we are all alike....and we really need Him to help. When we humble ourselves, He promises His grace. Men need grace. Hiding in self-protection is not leadership. Launching out doing what little we can under the name of Jesus with hearts of humility will see that others have someone meaningful to follow.

Our greatest times of leadership, guys, is not when we conquer any portion of the world. It is when we rebel against our own spirit of insisting we come out looking good. Looking good is for is called glory.

May we offer ourselves in authentic, unpretentious sacrifice. May the world notice our God.


Terry Laudett said...

Thanks for a great post. Sometimes I need a little encouragement to take some initiative despite my feelings of inadequacy.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush, thanks you for this great post! This could not be more on-target for me at this time. I've recently been able to finally articulate that the many, many social and wordly portrayals of manhood are so incredibly far from God's portrayal of manhood. Seems that a truly Godly man looks very nearly NOTHING like the overwhelming majority of portrayals we tend to see today. The Word must be our [only] standard in striving to be the men that God desires us to be.

Robin said...

Thank you, Brother, for your encouragement of how to be a real man. I pray that God continue to work in and through you and that you are thoroughly encouraged and blessed by the original Real Man!

Enjoy the day!

Unknown said...

"We men hesitate to expose ourselves to areas of kingdom work where we don't already have some sort of confidence.'

Terry, you spying on me?

Convicting, Spirit-filled words. Thanks a lot.