Tuesday, November 10, 2009


What was intended to be only a series for Bible classes for a quarter two decades ago has embedded itself into the fabric of Memorial. I was merely trying to think of some phrase to cover the over-all class theme. That was my job. And, it has become a life message to our community.

Jeff Buckman loved the concept. He had entrance and exit signs made for the parking lot, "A Place to Start Life Over". Today Jeff, as a young man, resides in heaven alongside David who visited us one Sunday....and eventually started life over. Both were good friends, died at young ages, and continue to impact this marvelous place.

Richard hadn't been to church in 20 years. At an invitation by his brother, he came to visit us. When he saw the phrase on the large exterior rug at the entrance, he wondered if it could be for him.....and it was.

Gail was headed to church....a different one. She pulled into the wrong parking lot and saw the canopy that reads "A Place to Start Life Over". She stayed and did.

Two months ago Scott and Kylah saw that same slogan on our lawn sign. So they came in...and did. We baptized them two weeks ago.

This phrase sticks. For years now it has signaled we are among a people who can start all over. That is the message of Jesus to the entire world...rebirth now!

For all who could use the phrase in your community, take it and run with it. Everyone we encounter has those battlefield moments where they wish for anything they could start life again. This is what Jesus is about. Nicodemus heard it first...and we pass the baton.

We are a people and a place of second chances x 70.


Stoogelover said...

That phrase should be over every church and in every heart! I don't want to second guess you, but I would imagine you and your winsome personality (at least these days, now that you've grown past the early days of issues and coC-ism) have a lot to do with why people feel they can stay and start over.

Cary said...

Memorial's use of this phrase came to me at a very critical moment in life. I wrote about it a while back here.