Monday, March 02, 2009


Christopher Hitchens questioned in his godless book, god is not Great, why it is Christians who should know a secret to life seem so unhappy. While his conclusion that God does not exist is mistaken, in my view, he raises a really big question mark about us. Why are so many Christians known by our harsh or troubled dispositions? Why does argument and division go on in the Christian realm at such renown speed and depth when Jesus is at the opposite pole?

Jesus rocked the world of successful industry, agriculture, and military. He took twelve unlikelies and set a revolutionary movement on such defined course its potency cannot be measured. Yet I fear we have divvied up the Christian ranks, often with our Bibles in hand, to the point we have no punch left.

Leaders have become boisterous, or angry, or just plain goofy. Instead of finding ourselves chosen by God, the Christian life has transitioned into doing the choosing ourselves. Cities and burgs are filled with a smattering of clusters of brand name believers more concerned over keeping their doors opened than shutting down the stark rebellion against Christ.

No wonder so many throw up their hands and walk away from us. We have become the very biblical teaching we have warned others against; church form with no power.

There is significant need to find a people who will continue to seek the heart of Christ. Such is not found by supporting any tradition of men; whether it Presbyterian, Baptist, Church of Christ, Catholic to name but a few........Jesus is an entirely different world. As churches we have pushed and pumped our political agendas to prop up our five or twelve principles long enough.

The world is turning to God. Massive unrest is in kingdom favor. May we not miss the opportunity for revival because we were trying to breathe life into our pre-programmed places and plans. May we lift our eyes to see the fields are white unto harvest and then begin to approach them with incredible joy which comes from that secret we really do know....Jesus the Lamb as he offers abundant life.

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Monk-in-Training said...

True enough,
They will know us by our love has long since been translated in to knowing us by who we dislike (or worse).

May we all have a heart to follow Christ in the Gospel.

PS, I continue to pray for you and your medical testing.