Sunday, March 01, 2009


Don't let anyone say the workshop in Tulsa doesn't have local support. It most surely does. We had Workshop Roundup at Memorial Drive tonight preparing for the end of March when the world comes to town. We extended an invitation to a few and a bunch attended!

To mention a few of the congregations present would begin with Park Plaza, Jenks, Contact, Open Door, Garnett, Skiatook, Sand Springs, North Sheridan, 29th & Yale, Crosstown, South Brooke, Broken Arrow, Collinsville,.....and....well, you get the picture. Lots!

The value of such a gathering is extreme. Those present are simply happy. I like that. We are richly blessed in Tulsa by so many, many very special servants. The power of His people lives in the commonality and love---just as Jesus expressed---from one heart toward the other.

How amazing is it to be in the church.....and to like it? How awesome is it to be connected with this section of religion on earth and live as if we get younger every year? How glorious to be so enthused over life....the life He hands to everyone through His resurrected son.

Carl Harris, Bob Herndon, and Dan Langdon......admiration from my heart to yours! Good job!

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