Saturday, February 28, 2009


Yesterday was supposed to be the day I learned of the results of my biopsy from my colonoscopy last Tuesday. However, the nurse called to say the results aren't in yet. Now, does that mean they aren't concerned as it appears clear? Or, does it mean I am such a mess they have got to study this further?

I find this a most interesting development; especially since last Sunday I announced during my sermon that in two weeks I would be preaching about contentment. The first oddity is when have I ever known what I was speaking about two weeks down the road? The second, not so odd, is that it is just like God to work in these illustrations.

When you pray, I would ask this of you. First, I would say to you thank you for praying. Second, I would ask you to not ask for my good health as the primary goal of such prayer, but that you would seek Him to use whatever the results to have an impact on those around.

I never know what He has cooking. Who would have guessed God was up to something inside of a man stranded in a lonely dessert for forty Moses? Who would have dreamed God was setting a brilliant stage for a young innocent kid plopped into a nasty pit by his bullying Joseph?

So once again I say to you everything we go through is a kingdom issue as well as opportunity. To me this makes everything exciting. I recall years ago our car being stolen. I told people then a good thing had happened; but we'd have to wait for the rest of the story. As it turned out State Farm paid me $700 more the very same week the mortgage company was drawing up papers for our new house and calling to say we were short $700 on the closing costs.

While I wait I am pretty confident God is up to something...and how fun could that be?


Terry Laudett said...

I would like to share an encouraging article written by John Piper with you entitled "Don't Waste Your Cancer." You may find it at If the entire web site address is not able to post, you can still find it by going to and typing in "cancer" in the search engine. I hope this article encourages you as you wait for the results.

Vanessa said...

Praying for you, Terry, and for God's will to be done. Love you!