Tuesday, December 30, 2008


These times are building tension like a potential volcano. Economic and political stress is prominent in the minds of many. A few days ago I drove by a Ford Motor Company which has been established longer than I have been in Tulsa. Gone. Two days ago I drove past a large tool rental company near my street. Gone. Reports of employment stress is growing. Is there anything we can do?

Jesus has always defied the world. He upsets its leaders because he refused to march to their imposing cadence. We are to face our days as he did his. If attitudes are low what should ours be? Soaring in faith. If money is tight what should our giving be? As stable and confident as ever.

Norman Vincent Peale always told his board of the famous Marble Collegiate Church, Whatever funds you must cut during hard times, do it. But don’t touch my advertising funds. He felt that the rougher the times such days only increased the need for advertising the church. Riding near the coattails of his statement, I would argue that whatever you cut in hard times; do your best not to cut your giving. It is in this precise zone God finds out what/who it is we trust; God or mammon.

Be encouraged. If days get tighter may your purse strings grow looser. God provides. He promises. Defy the world’s wisdom!


Anonymous said...

I would say even, INCREASE your giving...don't even "try", just do it, even if only a few bucks. Watch God work! God has a special math when it comes to faithful giving; it always adds up.

Vasca said...

I agree...wind it up a notch. We find that God is light years ahead of us in math...! We can't keep up w/Him. We say "we shovel it out and God shovels it in and He has a bigger shovel".