Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The reason we can have substantial hope for future and others in it is because we can believe the people in it will improve. God won't need to improve. We can. The good news is we will.

I don't know how Memorial has held on to me these many years. I've done an awful job at moments...at many moments. I've preached sermons that were what I thought were the worst. But, I was wrong. More worst came! I've been blind, faithless, and faulty. For those who wouldn't know behind the scenes I have been a lousy leader. Yet, my enthusiasm to improve continues to burn.

Oddly, I'm no different than others. We simply have light-years of improvement to make. Memorial has allowed me to improve in some elements for over three decades. That, my friends, is an exorbitant amount of patience. Yet, it is precisely what it takes.

Memorial didn't believe in me, per Se. They believed in God. I am most fortunate.

I would encourage all to do what we can to believe those around us will improve because we have placed our faith in the Father. He knows how to build strong hearts and sound talent. May we hold on to one another tightly while we grow up in Christ together.

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Anonymous said...

The grace-filled truth? On some level, GOD BELIEVES IN YOU.