Thursday, November 20, 2008


I think a lot about you. Really. Throughout each day I wonder about you, root for you, and hope you are feeling good about your work. You can gage how much I think about you by the number of times I post a blog each week. I think of you more than I write.

I wonder about all of us. Do we get it that while we have the calling of God to reach the world we must be cautious not to impose our own wishes, meaning, and glory? Pride is a hangman's noose camoflauged as a necktie. It may look dressy, but it will hang the greatest of visionaries.

I like it when we can discuss differences of opinion. Yet, on occasion an edge comes out in print on the part of any of us. We must be so careful. It is right that we cheer each other on by spurring deeper thinking or considering alternative methods. We must be careful to keep pride at bay for, the truth is, not one of us is a sharp knife in the drawer.

There are not some in the church who are pros while others are novices. Compared to Jesus we are lucky to be let into the stadium let alone onto the field. My articles and your responses are always safe when written from dispositions of gratitude.

Therefore, I urge you to hold fast to your convictions to which God has led. But do not assume yourself as better or wiser or more capable than the next for God has allotted each a measure of faith. Use sound judgment keeping in mind each of us possesses incredible and enormous lack. This is precisely why it is so doggone thrilling to work in the kingdom. We should never have had our application accepted. But you know God! He insists everyone gets a uniform!

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