Thursday, November 20, 2008


I wonder if we remember to do anything with our faith. I don’t mean nothing by faith has ever happened. But, I wonder if Christians are not tempted to go through our days aware there truly is a God, yet we tend to muscle our way through the cones and intersections of normalcy on our own skill-set.

Calvin Miller emphasized a most valuable reminder; Still our respect for His majesty is ever to remind us of our inherent weaknesses. The only way that we can ever make strong decisions is to depend on Him. Each of us is quite capable of slipping into the zone of handling life’s challenges and opportunities from our own ingenuity base.

The Word is thrilling to remind us over and over about the resurrection power of God. He defied the most basic bully; death. God made life out of death. He pleads with us that such a truth is where and how we are to walk on earth. This resurrection power/something from nothing recipe for mankind is called what? Miracle? Magic? Neither. It is called faith. That’s it. Faith.

When He urges us to walk by faith and not by sight, is God not calling us to enter a zone of bewildering and scandalous wonder? Surely He does! Your faith….is significant. Allow Him to help you grow it!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post, "Significant Faith". I have wondered if my faith is in the right place and about the right things. After you put your faith in God, how do you preserve it or do you? What if God says no to what you put your faith in? How do you know if he says no or wait? Sometimes I feel like Simeon in the temple. He waited his whole life to see God's promise. Just thinking, thanks for listening, Lynn