Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The eye is the light of the body. It is regarded as one of our more important parts. We treasure their expertise of discernment and evaluation. Good eyes can avoid oncoming calamity by alerting our feet to dodge and our heads to duck. Too, sharp eyes can assist in sinking a long putt.

Could it be that great vision in the kingdom is provided by those who see far but have no view of themselves? Could it be the reason such men and women are so effective is because they don’t live with regard for themselves? This class of servants can see all over the place as they bring the body news of potential and opportunity. But they never focus upon themselves.

How blessed every congregation is to have those among us who have no concern for self. How fortunate to labor beside young and old who are ambitious in proper spirit. May we each strive to be most valuable for kingdom good and while we are at it, may we be careful not to keep watching ourselves.

May you be increasingly determined to serve in such a way you are effectively looking out for the rest of the body. That’s a tall order. But the body of Christ is dependent upon eyes with good light!


Monk-in-Training said...

May we all see with eyes so pure.

Anonymous said...

I went to just now and typed in the word "eyes" and it gave me 509 entries with the word "eyes".

As a coach for most of my adult life and as an athlete most of my life as well, I once heard long ago the phrase "the eyes lead the body".

Spiritually, I would discern that as a sensual thing. If our eyes make our thoughts bad then there is a great PROPENSITY to sin. Whereas when we look upon something the way God would we may see a beautiful woman not as a sex object, but as a beautiful creation of God only.

I also have heard 2 things that can help us all: and acronym for the word sin, s.i.n. = stop it now!
If you see something and a sin thought starts to creep in, just say "stop it now" - I can hear you, Brother Terry, using this in a sermon, and that could be awesome. There is a great video that is very funny about Stop It Now, and if you would like the link, just holler.

Another thing to help stop the eyes from leading the thoughts to sin, is to look at people, especially us men, look at females at eye level only.

Practice it and you may be amazed of the results.

God bless, and happy thanksgiving, Jim Cooke