Friday, November 21, 2008


It appears the church is about to find itself in a very blessed position...again. America’s economy is rocky to say the least. I believe 2009 is going to be a valuable year and we must not be found reading the comics.

Families will possibly find themselves in a serious pinch. The financial load will affect not only those outside of the body of Christ; but those within as well. I would encourage us to be in prayer that God would do with us what He did with the unsuspecting lad with the fish and the loaves. More is going to be required of us than there is of us. This is the ideal setting for Jesus to show his stuff.

America is going to find enormous need. Will we be as his disciples calling to him to do something about this? Or, will he return the monkey and advise us to do something about it? I believe the latter is his action for the former. Jesus did not just use the sack lunch. He used the unassuming disciples to distribute what they could not see as the answer. They were just as shocked as the boy.

As reports of layoffs and financial strain escalates, let the church be of a different language than those who have no Jesus. May we do as Jesus. He did not deny the extreme need. He called on God to bless the moment. Did He ever! Therefore, it is not up to us to scramble to find more funds. It will be up to us to present the few funds we have with anticipation he will do that expansion thing with them. What will be up to us is to continue developing the faith which believes our God can take of what little the church has to offer and multiply it so many times the community can only look toward Jesus with grateful applause!

You have a different perspective and role. Hear of the world’s troubles. Then dare to be different. Plan on being a tool….used similarly as the nameless boy with the bread and the fish. Bless the world in need.

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Anonymous said...

You're preaching to the praise team but keep it up. In our poverty, we find his riches! This will be a time for us to see if we have confused blessings with economy.