Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Dear Reader,

I'm to leave tomorrow for Atlanta to speak at a men's retreat. Ice is coming our way again. Plus, I'm in day two of the flu....the real good kind. If I'm able to get out of bed tomorrow and able to get to the airport, I'm headed for Georgia and will be back in the office Tuesday morning. Notes from me on this blog may be few during this time.


Shane Coffman said...

Dear blogger -

May you feel better by morning and have a wonderful and safe trip!

Your co-worker

David Kirk said...

Be safe!

Anonymous said...

I pray for health and a good trip. Our men are looking forward to hearing from you. Our women are jealous the men get you all to themselves. My basketball league will be missing some coaches for this retreat so I pray it is awesome in many ways.

Do you know if Rosy the Rivitor can coach basketball?