Sunday, February 24, 2008


This note serves to update those three or four who wonder.....I am now in good health. It wasn't such a pretty sight traveling to Atlanta to speak at a men's retreat in the midst of Flu-end-za! My vocal chords are still burnt from vomiting. Now should you think that's too gross to say, let me just assure you I left the gross unsaid.

I stayed in bed all day Friday with one phone call to Sherri Storm to ask her to get the word out that I was really sick and needed all to pray. My son-in-law drove me to the mountain retreat while I was zoned out. Twenty minutes before time to speak the sickness lifted from me as if it evaporated into thin air and I was fine from that moment on.

I treasure the time spent with these men. I watched God fall from heaven into their hearts. It seemed visible to see them released to believe God works. This morning I preached a the North Atlanta Church where a-friend-to-many, Don McLaughlin, preaches. It was a fabulous morning. God attended. We knew it!

God had us laughing and then we'd be crying and then we'd be laughing and then we'd be praising and was a tremendously emotion-packed morning of joy in Him! Three were baptized and the front rows were strewn with many in tears asking for personal prayers. One of the things I liked was NA is just like back home.....before and after there is such great noise of people simply happy to be together.

Although not at home, I preached at Memorial as well this morning as I taped the sermon back on Wednesday afternoon between.....well, just between. I feared I may have looked sickly. I tried to sound as happy as I could. I love being with the church wherever God lets me go....but I really, really, really miss my Memorial Drive family back home!

To the guys who need to know this.....I won't be at the meeting in the morning. Whatever comes up for a vote.....I say go for it!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are better. We missed you this morning but it was good to hear from you. Good stuff. I am anxious to hear all about the trip. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

I too am glad the illness lifted. We survived our basketball games while you taught our men. Thank you.

I enjoyed getting to see you Sunday. I love Chris, Wendy, Hayden and Campbell and it was fun to talk with Hayden about his Pa being in town.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was one of the members at North Atlanta that was fortunate enough to hear you preach. I am VERY glad that your sickness lifted enough for you to minister to our men's retreat.

If you remember hearing someone yell "Aaahh" when you said the word "boom" during your sermon on Sunday . . . that was my son!!