Friday, December 15, 2017


Is God real?  Does He truly exist?  Or, is this also one more folklore-ish concepts created by the grand imaginations from yesteryear? 

The answer is that by faith many of us believe that God does, in fact, exist eternally.  Others, however, have faith that He doesn't.  Opposing sides can only reach such conclusions based upon invisible evidence.  There is no other mode.

My goal, naturally, is to encourage those who believe that God is a figment of one's imagination to transform doubt into assurance of His reality.  Yes, I know that you know that I have bias on this topic; but a foundational one nonetheless.

There is a significant roadblock to developing faith in Him.  We Christians sometimes distract.  We are greatly known for voicing our pet peeves, our narrow stances, and our closed-mindedness.  Of course, of course, we confidently boast that each of these three arise because we are believers.  Yet, too often our small thread to the Bible revelation blocks God's Word from our own well as our passage to others.

Doubters rarely reference their conclusion based upon research of the Kingdom.  Rather, these are often quick to point out the flaws of guys like myself.  Their obsession with detecting my/our sins are mere excuses to be lazy-minded toward His existence.  More profoundly, however, is that God is highly aware of my/our sins before we even arrived upon the scene.  Jesus died on the Cross because even church people as myself are a mess at times.

We must, simply must, find someone to save us from our wretched failure to live up to His call.  Reporting in to church regularly is important for cheering one another on as our repeated sins try to shut us down.  But church attendance is not our Savior.  Jesus is.

I am definitely sympathetic to those who doubt for ones as myself surely do distract at times.  The real focus, though, is not to be found evaluating the church people for we are there precisely because we can't cover our own sins.  The real emphasis is to be upon the only Man who died for our sins and then broke all of the cemetery rules. 

The God concept isn't Rocket Science.  It is that just as there will be a new day tomorrow (as resurrection of the sun)...there is daily and cleansing renewal for our minds and hearts.  My/our sin does not verify that there is no God.  It does confirm the need for Him.  Whether God is or isn't is to be based upon legitimate faith and not upon the behavior of those who claim His validity.  We who believe Him do so because our own self-preservation would not hold up. 

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